Friday, September 28, 2012

Free Truck Coloring Page

As we mentioned on Wednesday, you have never seen Bumble quite like this before. I bet you had no idea Bumble could wear so many "hats"!

Enjoy the free coloring page and be sure to share finished masterpieces on our FB page. And for those who have Pinterest, please pin the image on your boards so others can enjoy these coloring pages as well!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Transportation Magnets have arrived!

Go check out the Transportation Magnets in our honeycomb store now!
Also, if you buy 4 or more magnets in one order, we will send you a free download of a fun road scene that can be used with the magnets.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for a free coloring page to celebrate the launch of our Transportation Magnets. Again, there is no contest involved but we would love to see your child/children's masterpieces on our FB page.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Did Someone Ask For Some Transportation Fun?

You asked for it and now we have answered! Some of our followers requested transportation items for the little guys in their lives and we couldn't agree more with this request. They will be coming out as magnets and we have most favorites covered.

Tomorrow our Magnet Line will be launching in the honeycomb store and like Lunch Buddies there will be a fun coloring page on Friday to help celebrate the launch. Trust us when we say you have never seen Bumble quite like this before, so you will not want to miss this free coloring page!

Here is little peek at what the magnet line will look like:

Land and Air we have got you covered!

So don't forget to come back tomorrow and Friday to check them out and get the free coloring page!

Eva and Zi

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Birth Order

Once in a while when I'm watching E1, E2, and E3 run around the house or involved in some rough play, I wonder if things would be a bit different if we had the girls first and then a boy. Of course if that were the case E1 wouldn't be E1 anymore and would he be less active and rambunctious? Would he be less rough when he plays and more attentive? Or would boys always be boys and it wouldn't matter if he was born first or not? If we did have the girls first, would the experience of having twins just scare us as first time parents and we wouldn't have had any more kids? Sometimes it is kinda fun to just wonder what if.

So today I'm going to let you know my kids a little better and also play a little what if:

E1 is a very active and happy little boy. Like a typical boy he loves to be very physical when he plays and can be a bit rough at times, like play pushing or tackling. He is an introvert when it comes to social interaction and takes his time to take things in and observe before he will come out of his shell and interact with other kids or adults. He is very used to having his sisters around, since they are only 14 months apart, that he doesn't usually like to play alone and craves their company. He is a good older brother and loves and dotes on his baby brother. He is very patient and understanding when it comes time for me to care for his siblings. Before E4 came along and the girls still took a nap, he would always wait patiently and quietly for me to get them down for their naps. Perhaps he knew that once they go down, we would get to spend some one on one time together. I always tried to make that time special and we would usually play a board game together or something that the girls weren't able to play with yet.

IF he was born after the girls (making him E3), he probably would be a bit more attentive and not has rough when he plays. Though he would probably still be very much a boy and enjoy being physical like running around a lot. He would probably still be an introvert. But probably be slightly less patient and understanding when it came to me caring for his siblings.

My girls are identical twins but their personalities couldn't be more different. E2 is my girly girl, loves to play dress up, and honestly a bit vain at times and enjoys checking herself out in the mirror. She is always interested in what I am doing when it comes to applying make up and when I'm getting ready in the morning. I let her use a bit of my chapstick one morning and ever since she has asked for it every time she sees it. She, like E1, loves her baby brother. She has a very maternal side to her and immediately wanted to help take care of E4 the day he was born. She would always be the first one to run to E4's crib if she heard him crying and try to comfort him, saying things like "It's Ok, I'm right here. Don't cry." It is always so heart warming for us to watch her with E4. We think when E4 gets older, they are going to get along really well and will be best buddies. She is more of an extrovert when it comes to social interaction and is usually the first one to interact with strangers. She is naturally very curious and loves to explore. But of course this also means she would just run off in public settings because she has little fear. We are starting to instill some necessary fear in her when it comes to public settings because it can get pretty dangerous with her just running off on her own all the time. Her personality is also very different from E1 so they are the ones that usually butt heads with each other.

IF she was born first, I think like now she would be a great older sister and take great care of all her younger siblings. She would have had more one on one time with me and would probably be a little less needy than she is now. Sometimes she exhibits classic middle child behavior of needing and craving attention but I think that would be less so if she was born first even as a twin. She would probably be very girly and not be into any rough play.

E3 is a happy bubbly little girl. Compared to E2 she is more of a tomboy and has a very similar personality to E1 so they are usually best buddies. Not to say E2 and E3 don't get along. As twins they are very close and always seem to find each other at night when they are sleeping even if they start out on opposite sides of the bed. When E1 is at school, E2 and E3 have a wonderful time playing together. But when E1 is in the mix, he prefers E3's company. She is usually the one that will engage in more rough play with E1 and she doesn't mind getting pushed around a bit. She is also the more mellow and easy going one. Almost always willing to share toys and listens to mommy and daddy. She is not as maternal as E2. Initially not really caring for her baby brother when he first arrived. We think she probably felt a bit threatened by him, seeing that he kinda took her status as the baby of the family. But with time, she has started to really warm up to E4 and enjoy playing with him like her two older siblings. She is more of an extrovert as well even though she warms up a bit slower than E2. But she is not as curious as E2 and is more likely to stay by mommy and daddy's side when we are in public. This is starting to change with time and she will usually run off with E2 more often these days. She is our biggest animal lover and takes an instant liking to most animals she encounters.

IF she was born before E1, I think she would probably still be a bit of a tomboy but probably wouldn't play as rough as she does now. She would might also be more maternal having more younger siblings to care for. But overall I don't see her changing too much if birth order was changed.

Our little guy is such a fun and well behaved baby. It might have been the fact that when I had him I was much more experienced with taking care of a new born but he didn't cry much at the hospital. I remember hearing all the other babies crying in the middle of the night during my hospital stay and he would be nice and quiet. Only crying when he was hungry or had a dirty diaper. He LOVES it when we change his clothes, and every time we pull his chubby little arms out of his clothes, he would giggle uncontrollably. He has the most infectious laugh! He is also our best eater and a lover of green vegetables, more than fruit which is a bit unusual but we can't complain. He is always very alert, watching his older siblings run around and he loves it when they play with him. He is very easily pleased!

Not sure I can do much guessing if birth order were changed when it comes to him since he is still a baby and there is so much more of his personality I don't know. But I would hope he would stay the same since he is just a really happy baby!

But of course, all guessing fun aside, I couldn't be happier and blessed to have the perfect balance of 2 boys and 2 girls. When I was a young girl and people would ask how many kids I want in the future I always thought having 2 boys and 2 girls would be so nice but never thought God would bless me with exactly what I had hoped for.

Parents with multiple children, do you ever wonder how things might be different if their birth order was changed? Parents with one child or readers without children, do you ever wonder how you would be different if your own birth order changed? 

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Girl vs. boy

When I became pregnant many people would ask me, “Do you want a girl or boy?”
And to be honest I never had a preference. With God’s grace and blessings I have one of each. But I did secretly hope that if I had a girl she would be a girly girl… my wish came true!
My daughter is a typical first born and very much like me in many ways. She loves art & crafts. She’s very responsible, organized and likes to keep things neat and clean. H is quiet but once she feels comfortable with you she is a little chatterbox. She’s cautious and studies her surroundings. She remembers everything so if you promise her something you better keep that promise. She also has an eye for fashion, my little fashionista!

As for my son, he is different from his sister. He’s definitely more active but still cautious. He’s more personable and less shy. He’s got that little twinkle in his eye and a face full of expressions. N’s clever, sharp and a very fast learner. Watch out because he knows how to press those buttons that melt your heart. He’s a pro for diverting attention to something else especially when he knows he is in trouble. I always joke that he will be a great lawyer. He started being imaginative and creative at a younger age than H. He was playing with a back scratcher one day and said to me “Mommy I’m digging… mommy I’m fishing… mommy I’m playing hockey, SCORE!!!!” Isn't it amazing how a non-toy item can keep a child entertained longer than a toy itself?

Many experienced parents have told me that girls are easier in the beginning but harder as they get older. While boys are harder in the beginning and easier as they are older. Is this true? We shall see. I love how H&N are similar and yet so different. Even at a very young age I could tell what their personalities would be like.  I love how H is so sweet and always willing to help mommy. And I love N's spark and how he can always make me smile. Being a mother has truly taught me the meaning of unconditional love. I know I'm biased but my kids are the best!!
What do you love most about your kid(s)? Any tips on raising a girl and/or boy? 
It's always great to get feedback from you. Thanks!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Free Bumble and Dot coloring page

As promised, free Bumble and Dot coloring page to celebrate the launch of our Lunch Buddies line!

Just click on picture to download.

There isn't a contest involved with this coloring page but we would love to see your child's/childrens' masterpiece, so do post them on our FB page we would love to see them!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lunch Buddies have arrived!

Go to our honeycomb store and check out Lunch Buddies!
Let us know what you think in our comment section.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A New Line is Coming!

Tomorrow a new line will be introduced to our honeycomb store and we can barely contain our excitement so we wanted to give all of you a sneak preview!

They are called the Lunch Buddies!
What are they you may ask, well, let us elaborate. They are miniature sized felt foods that all have a heart attached which symbolizes a parent's love. You know those little notes that some parents put in their child's lunch for a personal touch and a reminder of their love? Well, these add a bit of whimsy and fun to that concept! Add one to your child's lunch box for an extra fun surprise and they can carry it around in their pocket after lunch as a sweet little reminder.

Of course they can be used as little play food as well if that is what your heart desires. They will come in sets of twos and are packaged in a mini brown paper bag that carries the image of Bumble and his lunch buddy, Dot!

Bumble and Dot are the cutest buddies around and we know your kids will love them. So on Friday we will be offering a free coloring sheet featuring these two buddies for your child/children's coloring pleasure! Note: there won't be a contest involved with this coloring sheet but feel free to post your child's masterpiece on our FB page, we would love to see them!

Check back tomorrow to see the Lunch Buddies in the honeycomb store and find out what names these cute buddies have!

Eva & Zi

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fun lunch ideas

How can I make lunch fun?  These days packing lunch for kids can get pretty fancy and elaborate compared to my brown bag lunches my parents use to make me. I remember back in elementary school I had shrimp for lunch and my friends thought I was so lucky, but that was as fancy as it got. Usually it was just a sandwich, drink and maybe a snack.

I know some enjoy making Bento boxes for their kids. H would love this! Any suggestions to where I can purchase cute Bento boxes? I saw this one online and loved the Wizard of Oz illustrations.
Shinzi Katoh Double decks Lunch Box
A friend recently lent me a tool she uses to make ice cream sandwiches. She told me that you could even use it on a hard boiled egg. 
Tovolo ice cream sandwich molds
When I heard this I had to try it myself. To my amazement it actually worked and H was thrilled to have that in her lunch. Her teachers were mystified when they saw her lunch so H gave them a detailed explanation. All you do is boil the egg then peel off the shell while it’s still hot. Place it in the mold. Wrap a rubberband or two to hold the mold in place. Submerge mold in cold water for 10 minutes. Pop out the egg and serve.

Other fun tools I like to use are sandwich cutters or even some of our cookie cutters to cut up food in fun shapes. Or just add some of your creativity with their food by making a silly face or a cute scenery. That’s always a hit for H&N.

Do you “play” with your food or have fun lunch ideas to share? 
I'd love to get inspiration and ideas from you. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Packing Lunches

I have to admit that I am still really new at this packing lunch business.  When E1 was in preschool as a 2 year old, there was a period of time that he stayed for Lunch Bunch. But my mom was around at the time helping me with my twin girls and had packed many of his lunches then. Now that E1 is in Pre-K for 2 full days a week, I've had to do some research into what other moms pack for their kids.

I have a lunch ideas Pinterest board that was part of my research, you can check it out here.

So here is what E1's first lunch looked like:
I was totally amazed that he actually finished everything but some crackers!

In the future, I'm planning on making sandwiches and some healthier meat options, like strips of baked chicken breasts.

What do you pack your kids for lunch? Any good ideas you could share with me? Can't wait to hear from you!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our 2nd Coloring Contest Winner is...

5 year old K! Congrats K! Good job adding extra flare to Bumble's apple picking adventure! 

We hope to see some more competition next month. Check back tomorrow to see K's masterpiece!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall 2012 Inspiration

I do most of my children's clothing shopping at consignment sales and the occasional end of the season sale. But coming from a fashion background I do enjoy window shopping at the mall and browsing the web to see what is new in stores for the up coming season.

This Fall I've been loving all the grey items in stores, especially grey suede boots! So I decided to put together a Fall 2012 children's wear inspiration board with what I find to be a fun mix of grey pieces with a pops of bright colors!

Hope you enjoy this little board that I put together! Now if I could just find the perfect pair of grey suede boots for myself, I would be all set!

What color/colors are you loving this fall?


Monday, September 10, 2012

Have you submitted yet?

There is still time to submit your child's apple picking coloring page to our FB page, contest ends this Wednesday!

You can find the free download here.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of great masterpieces again!

New season, new clothes

Putting away the flip flops and pulling out my boots. I love fall, it’s my favorite season! I swear there’s a gremlin in my closet because every season I say to myself, "I have nothing to wear.” Do you ever feel that way? I definitely felt it when I worked in my previous job but as a SAHM I still I like to dress nice even if it’s just a day with the kids.

Over the weekend I swapped out some of the clothes in the closet to get an idea what H&N needs for the fall and winter. I always like to catch the end of the season sales and buy for the next year. I found some PJ sets and T-shirts that were less than $4 for N. Can’t pass a good deal, right?
I noticed that they have some pretty bright colors for the fall. Colored jeans seem to be in for both girls and boys. Not sure if I’ll be getting H&N a pair, but they are very cute.
However, I would love to get this outfit I saw online from Gap Kids for H. Wish they made that jacket in my size.
It's definitely more fun shopping for a little girl. I feel the options are limited when I shop for N. Why can't they have more fun designs for boys?

My sister found these adorable shoes for H.
Red Glitter Tiny TOMS Mary Janes
And one for N too, I love them both!
Burnt Chambray Tiny TOMS Botas

Where do you usually like to shop for your kid(s)? Any savvy shopping tips?

Friday, September 7, 2012

H's First Day of School

H is all smiles as we were heading off to her first day of school! We had a mini orientation a couple weeks beforehand. She was excited to see her teachers again.

She observed everything as we went into the classroom. Fortunately she knew a few girls in her class and they greeted her warmly. But I could tell she was a bit anxious and unsure, especially when her teacher had said "Would you like to see mommy off at the window or door?" and took hold of H. That's when her lips quivered, frowned and the look in her eye that said no Mommy, don't leave me! That broke my heart to pieces. But 
I stayed cheerful, gave her a kiss and assured her I would be back soon. At the end of the day she had a good time. She told me all the things she did and learned for the rest of the afternoon. Since it was a very special day I took her out for some ice cream as a treat.

Now I'm hoping these tearful goodbyes will end soon.
How did you and your kid(s) feel on their first day of school? How long did it take til those tearful goodbyes ended?
I'd love to hear your back to school stories.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quad E Labor Day Weekend

Our family went away for Labor Day weekend along with my parents, who currently are in town, to Montague, NJ for a retreat but made a couple of side trips.

Bushkill Falls, PA
On the way up to Montague, we stopped by Bushkill Falls. My husband had been there years before we got married but no one else had been there before so it was a nice experience. The kids have never been on a hiking trail nor seen a real waterfall so there were a couple of firsts for them on this trip as well.

After about a two hour drive from our house we arrived at Bushkill Falls, advertised as the Niagara of PA and is also privately owned.  We first stopped at their picnic area and had some lunch so we would be ready for our little hike. There was also a pretty nice playground close to the picnic area, so the kids went there to play for a bit and slide down the 5 different slides that were there!
After working off a bit of their energy, we were ready to go on our hike. We reviewed the trail map and decided we would go on the Popular Trail aka the Yellow Trail. It would take about 45mins and we would be able to see the main waterfall at a few different vantage points. There was a 15min trail that seemed like a waste since we had to pay admission. There were also two longer trails that would take approximately 1 hour and 15mins and 2 hours respectively which we deemed too long for the kids to handle and would have probably been a bit difficult for my husband who had E4 in a baby carrier.

The trail was mostly wood planks with some areas that were just rocks as they tried their best to keep the environment untouched/changed. Most of the trail was rather narrow, allowing for 2 people to walk side by side most of the time but there were parts that narrowed even further that only 1 person could  walk by at a time. There were also quite a few flights of stairs going up and down the surrounding area of the main falls. Triple E tend to be pretty active when we are out and about and like to run off by themselves to explore but we had to hold their hands for a lot of the trail since there were parts that were pretty steep and some railings that were not entirely secure.
True to the trail map, we finished the yellow trail in about 45mins and stopped close to the exit to rest and to take in our beautiful surroundings. When we stepped out the exit, we took a picture with the big bear statue that has been placed there for many years and a picture hot spot. Then we spent some time checking out the stores before getting back in the car and heading to the retreat site. Though the kids enjoyed seeing a real waterfall for the first time, I think they would have a much better experience if they were slightly older and able to appreciate nature a bit more.

Space Farms Zoo and Museum
The second place we went to during free time on Saturday was Space Farms Zoo and Museum. It is a privately owned zoo and museum. There is quite an interesting history to this place but it is rather long, so if you are curious how it started, go to their site to check it out:
One fun thing about this place is they sell rather big bags of corn kernels and cookies at the front desk for about $1.50 per bag for you to feed the animals. Corn kernels for the birds and hoofstock and cookies for the bears and some of the larger animals. The triple E's love to feed animals, so this was a great deal for us! Much better than the little handful of corn you usually get for $0.25 or even $0.50 at most zoos or farms.

The zoo had many many animals, including lions, various bears, various deer, various foxes, buffalo, jaguars, coyotes, emus, and kangaroos just to name a few. The chicken and the ducks that we saw first were really overfed so they had no interest in the corn we tried to give them. But when we got to the Fallow Deer, they were all eager to eat all the corn we were willing to feed them. Once we started feeding one, they all started to come over to where we were and anxiously waiting for us to throw some corn their way. The kids had a blast since they had always seen deer from a distance but never in such close proximity. It was also a great time to teach them the difference between male and female deer and also different body parts on the deer.
Another memorable animal the kids saw was an ostrich. This particular ostrich was quite mean and once it saw us come towards the fence, it started to snap at the fence repeatedly. We quickly named it the "mean ostrich" and walked away since we didn't want the kids to get hurt if they accidentally got too close. From there on out, E1 kept repeating "I don't like the mean ostrich!"

Something that stood out right away for my husband was that they placed the predator really close to  the prey. The predators were caged and separated but it seemed a bit like torture at least in our minds for them to be so close to or sometimes even right next to the animals they would be hunting and eating if they were in the wild. Just a little observation from the adults.

The museum had an extensive collection of antique cars, antique bikes, horse carriages, antique toys, and various farm tools that was really something to behold for the kids and even for us adults.
Overall a really good experience had by all and we would definitely recommend it to anyone who happens to be in the area.

What did your family do Labor Day Weekend? We would love to hear from you.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Quad E Summer

This summer was full of first times for Quad Es.

Philly Zoo
It was the first time for the Quad Es to visit the Philly Zoo this summer. Our first trip there was to celebrate E1's birthday. Since the Triple Es are really into animals right now the zoo was the perfect place to go. Their favorites were the giraffes, zebras, sheep, goats and tigers. They also all enjoyed a nice pony ride. The only disappointment was that there are no elephants at the Philly Zoo since they are E1's favorite animal of all time.

Movie Theater
This summer we also brought the Triple Es to the movie theater for the first time taking advantage of the $1 Regal Cinemas Summer Express promotion. We decided to go see Kung Fu Panda 2 since the kids really enjoyed the first movie. Before going, we were a little worried that they might be scared because of the darkness and the loud noise, but they all did great and sat through the whole movie. They had a great time with E2 and E3 saying, "I like Kung Fu Panda 2!" Must have been the really big screen.

While leaving work one day, my husband came across some free children's tickets to Cole Brother's Circus of the Stars laying on the receptionist's desk. We were really excited because we had talked about taking the kids to the circus this summer but just never actually got around to it. The circus was being held right next to the church we attend and not only did we get free children's tickets there was also a $5 off coupon for adults. This was an opportunity we didn't want to let by. Since my parents were also in town, we decided that we would all go as a big family. When we first got there, triple E were a bit overwhelmed and afraid because the Big Top was indeed very big and there were a lot of people there already. Even though we had gotten them excited to go to the circus beforehand, they had no idea what to expect or what it was. Good thing my parents were there because we ended up having to carry E2 & E3 into the tent with E1 holding tightly to my shirt. But once we got inside and they saw the pony rides and tigers getting ready for the show, they started to be a bit more at ease and excited about the show. The music was a little too loud, so we had to cover E4's ears throughout the show. Despite all this, the kids and adults had a great time at the circus and later on E2 exclaimed, "I like circus!" I think one of the big draws for them were the animals, especially the elephants for E1 since we didn't get to see them at the zoo but got to see them here.

Any first's this summer for your family? We would love to hear from you!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Free Summer

I can’t believe summer is over! We were able to do so many fun things. We also took advantage of some free events. Who doesn’t like free things, right?

There were free movies every Tuesday and Wednesday at a local theater. The first one we watched was Yogi Bear. This was N's first time at the theater. Surprisingly he sat through the whole movie without flinching. A cute movie, laughs for both kids and adults.
Another was Happy Feet Two, we love the story line and soundtrack! N was boppin’ his head to the music as he watched. Too cute!

A free splash area at a local outdoor shop. What a great way to keep the kids cool this summer, N wasn’t too crazy about it but H loved it!

We attended the Kidgets Fun Fest.  There were six booths where you go and play with the toy/products. After each booth you got your card stamped and free  samples. After the fun and games you handed the stamped card in exchange for a prize. How fun is that?
N enjoyed flying a plane and building transformers. While H enjoyed playing a bowling game with Gogo’s Crazy Bones.  Have you ever heard of those? The kids love playing with their new toys!
Did you attend any free events this summer?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Today we are spending time with our families. Hope you are enjoying a day off too!
What fun things do you have planned?

Eva & Zi