Monday, September 10, 2012

New season, new clothes

Putting away the flip flops and pulling out my boots. I love fall, it’s my favorite season! I swear there’s a gremlin in my closet because every season I say to myself, "I have nothing to wear.” Do you ever feel that way? I definitely felt it when I worked in my previous job but as a SAHM I still I like to dress nice even if it’s just a day with the kids.

Over the weekend I swapped out some of the clothes in the closet to get an idea what H&N needs for the fall and winter. I always like to catch the end of the season sales and buy for the next year. I found some PJ sets and T-shirts that were less than $4 for N. Can’t pass a good deal, right?
I noticed that they have some pretty bright colors for the fall. Colored jeans seem to be in for both girls and boys. Not sure if I’ll be getting H&N a pair, but they are very cute.
However, I would love to get this outfit I saw online from Gap Kids for H. Wish they made that jacket in my size.
It's definitely more fun shopping for a little girl. I feel the options are limited when I shop for N. Why can't they have more fun designs for boys?

My sister found these adorable shoes for H.
Red Glitter Tiny TOMS Mary Janes
And one for N too, I love them both!
Burnt Chambray Tiny TOMS Botas

Where do you usually like to shop for your kid(s)? Any savvy shopping tips?


  1. That outfit is adorable! My daughter does not like to dress like that. She's a tomboy and so picky about her clothes. You are right, there is so much more cute stuff for girls than boys. I try to buy at the end of the season, too, for great deals.

    1. Thanks Laura! H is a total girly girl and hasn't really been vocal about what to wear...yet :)

  2. What a cute outfit for a lil girl! I agree that there are more interesting options for boys than for girls, but I have actually read parents who shop for their boys in the girls section b/c really, what's the difference at that age? Cardis and jeans are unisex anyways. I wanted cardis for J and looked in the girls section for unisex styles. None found :(. BUT, I did buy 3 from H&M that I adore! That's where I go for more "original" boys clothes.