Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Picture Day

H's picture day was yesterday. Hoping for a nice shot. I got spoiled last year for H's Pre-K shot. We got proofs, different poses and backgrounds to choose from. So if they didn't turn out nice you could just decline. But you all know that you get what you get when it comes to school pictures, good or bad. However they do have a photo touch-up option (extra money, of course) so if you have the dreaded zit or blemishes it will miraculously disappear...."picture perfect".

I remember we would all get a small plastic black comb as we lined up for our pictures back in elementary school. Did you get those? I always thought it'd be nice to have a mirror nearby to do a quick hair check, since usually the photographer wouldn't care. (at least the ones I had) I also remember how they would pose and tilt your head in the oddest angle then tell you to say some silly word... then FLASH be blinded by those lights, oh the memories haha!
Here's a picture of me from Kindergarten. Don't ask what I was wearing, yikes haha! I think I was absent on picture day, so this was a retake.

What are your picture day memories? 
What's your worst picture day photo or were they all keepers?


Saturday, September 14, 2013

First Day Of School -- E Edition

This week was the first day and week of school for E1, E2, and E3. It was a new preschool for the girls and a new school for E1, who started Kindergarten!

Over the summer E1 had gone from being excited about school, to being scared of the new school and teacher, to excited again after we reassured him that he would have a great time and would be learning lots of new things. There was also great anticipation to sit on the bus again! He really enjoyed it during his summer reading program.

E2 and E3 are actually going to 2 different preschools this year, 1 for M,W, F and another for T, Th. There was no fear on their part just excitement to go to school and have a great time learning!

All this made the first day of school super easy, no tears and lots of picture taking. E1 even asked why I waited with him for school to start since he wanted to do it by himself!

Looking forward to a great school year!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rainbow Loom

How many of you know what I'm talking about? or even own one?
Well if you don't, you are about to find out. This is the latest craze among kids. You can use this loom to make the latest "must have" accessory,  rubber band bracelets.
You can make some of the designs without the loom but a must for the more complicated designs. We purchased ours at our local craft store, Michaels. You can find all sorts of tutorials on you tube or just go to their website. H was able to do the basic single pattern rubber band bracelet with minimal assistance.
Basic single pattern

I even had some fun as well.
Nautique pattern
Fishtail pattern
Triple Single pattern
Starburst pattern
This totally brings me back to my youth making those friendship bracelets. Remember those?

What were your favorite "fads" growing up? 
Rubber bracelets in the 80s? Charm necklaces? Friendship bracelets? Silly bands?


*This is not a sponsored post.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

H's first day of Kindergarten!

Here's our annual first day pic! See how much she has grown since last year, here.

Remember how I was debating about whether to let H ride the bus in my previous post?  Well, during orientation the kids got to meet their teacher, had a tour of the school, learned about school bus safety and even went on a ride. To my surprise after orientation H told me "Mommy I want to ride the bus to school!" I had a wave of emotions when I heard this. Part of me was thrilled that she was willing and so excited about it and the other part of me was not ready and saying to myself "What?! My baby is ready to be independent?" 

Of course I said yes but also made sure she understood what it really meant. Given H's history of separation anxiety I had a plan B ready (car keys in hand).
Here we are walking to the bus stop... with H taking the lead!

You can see for yourself how it all went from here! I had to call her name to get a "good-bye" shot haha!

No tears, no fuss, I'm one proud mommy!!! She totally turned a new leaf this year!
As that bus drove down the street and I turned to walk back home, I almost got choked up. I even missed her that morning. It's strange since I should be use to this, H went preschool and even had longer days there. But I guess it's the realization that she's grown up and in "real school"...WOW!
To celebrate we had lunch & ice cream at Chick-fil-a! This has become our tradition.

How was your kid(s) first week of school? 
Do you have any first day of school traditions or treats?

Have a great week!