Thursday, June 12, 2014

End of the school year

We have 4 days left!
I cannot believe how quickly the school year went. Remember how I was worrying about how H would adjust to Kindergarten… so many milestones and proud moments. She had the best teacher and I know H will miss her.

Recently H lost her first tooth. She actually pulled it out herself! She was so excited and screamed "Mommy, Mommy, my tooth came out!" She even wrote a note to the tooth fairy that night.
Dear Tooth Fairy
Here is my tooth.
Love H
She made sure to leave a pencil so the tooth fairy had something to write with. H asked "How is she going to hold this pencil? It's going to be so big!" Ha ha I love it, the wonders of a child.
The next morning she receive a nice exchange for her tooth… $1, a special note and fairy dust!

Last week was H's class field trip and I experienced chaperoning for the first time. We went to the fish hatchery and a local zoo. I had a great group of girls and perfect weather that day!
Feeding the trout at the fish hatchery 
Brushing the goats
Soon I'll have a first grader and Pre-Kindergartener!?!
But first we are going to enjoy these next 3 months of summer vacation!!! It's going to be nice to have mornings at our own pace and not rushing out to catch the bus, hehe.

Are your kids finished with school? 
What's the first thing you will do on summer vacation?