Friday, September 7, 2012

H's First Day of School

H is all smiles as we were heading off to her first day of school! We had a mini orientation a couple weeks beforehand. She was excited to see her teachers again.

She observed everything as we went into the classroom. Fortunately she knew a few girls in her class and they greeted her warmly. But I could tell she was a bit anxious and unsure, especially when her teacher had said "Would you like to see mommy off at the window or door?" and took hold of H. That's when her lips quivered, frowned and the look in her eye that said no Mommy, don't leave me! That broke my heart to pieces. But 
I stayed cheerful, gave her a kiss and assured her I would be back soon. At the end of the day she had a good time. She told me all the things she did and learned for the rest of the afternoon. Since it was a very special day I took her out for some ice cream as a treat.

Now I'm hoping these tearful goodbyes will end soon.
How did you and your kid(s) feel on their first day of school? How long did it take til those tearful goodbyes ended?
I'd love to hear your back to school stories.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Eva! Aw, the lip quiver...I don't know how you held it together! J's been crying during drop-off now that he's in the Twos classroom. It's different because there are only 2 teachers, so there's less one-on-one attention. Maybe also because we took a week off before the start of school and it's hard to transition from family-time to school-time. Must be even harder for H because she's been on family-time for years now. I think you both did great. I think if H sees you interacting and being friendly with the teacher, she'll feel more comfortable around her. "If Mommy likes her, she must be ok" ;). Today, J didn't cry because he was distracted by the computer. Oh kids & technology! So cool you took her out for ice cream. Now she can associate her 1st day with a treat! Can't wait to hear how she does the rest of the year!

    1. Lisa it was hard not to tear up. H really likes her teachers. I can tell she has fun each day at school by the way she describes every detail and how her eyes light up. :)
      Sounds like you found the antidote for J not crying at drop off. hehe