Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Quad E Summer

This summer was full of first times for Quad Es.

Philly Zoo
It was the first time for the Quad Es to visit the Philly Zoo this summer. Our first trip there was to celebrate E1's birthday. Since the Triple Es are really into animals right now the zoo was the perfect place to go. Their favorites were the giraffes, zebras, sheep, goats and tigers. They also all enjoyed a nice pony ride. The only disappointment was that there are no elephants at the Philly Zoo since they are E1's favorite animal of all time.

Movie Theater
This summer we also brought the Triple Es to the movie theater for the first time taking advantage of the $1 Regal Cinemas Summer Express promotion. We decided to go see Kung Fu Panda 2 since the kids really enjoyed the first movie. Before going, we were a little worried that they might be scared because of the darkness and the loud noise, but they all did great and sat through the whole movie. They had a great time with E2 and E3 saying, "I like Kung Fu Panda 2!" Must have been the really big screen.

While leaving work one day, my husband came across some free children's tickets to Cole Brother's Circus of the Stars laying on the receptionist's desk. We were really excited because we had talked about taking the kids to the circus this summer but just never actually got around to it. The circus was being held right next to the church we attend and not only did we get free children's tickets there was also a $5 off coupon for adults. This was an opportunity we didn't want to let by. Since my parents were also in town, we decided that we would all go as a big family. When we first got there, triple E were a bit overwhelmed and afraid because the Big Top was indeed very big and there were a lot of people there already. Even though we had gotten them excited to go to the circus beforehand, they had no idea what to expect or what it was. Good thing my parents were there because we ended up having to carry E2 & E3 into the tent with E1 holding tightly to my shirt. But once we got inside and they saw the pony rides and tigers getting ready for the show, they started to be a bit more at ease and excited about the show. The music was a little too loud, so we had to cover E4's ears throughout the show. Despite all this, the kids and adults had a great time at the circus and later on E2 exclaimed, "I like circus!" I think one of the big draws for them were the animals, especially the elephants for E1 since we didn't get to see them at the zoo but got to see them here.

Any first's this summer for your family? We would love to hear from you!



  1. Good deal on the circus! My kids love animals and we go to the Carolina Zoo which has the natural habitats for the animals. They have elephants but you really don't get to see them up close. The first for our 4 year old was the beach this past weekend and he loved it! I do believe he is part fish because he takes to any kind of water.

    1. First time at the beach is always fun. Happy to hear he likes the water. My kids love the sand but not so much the water since it's salty.

  2. I love the photo of E1 (?) trying to look over the rail in the 2nd photo. He's so cute with his red outfit! And boy is E2/E3 giving that goat a hug, hehe! Glad to hear the 1st movie experience was so good for everyone. Can you believe my 1st movie theater experience was in middle school? And ooo, the circus! J's firsts were many! Beach, ocean (or oooh-shin), amusement park rides, frozen custard….it was a great summer! Oh, and swimming in a pool (not by himself, of course).

    1. Yeah, it's E1 looking over the railing. E3 giving the goat a hug. She is our big animal lover, sometimes we think maybe she can be a vet when she is older. I honestly cannot remember when my 1s movie theater experience was but probably when I was much older, like middle school or maybe even high school!