Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Did Someone Ask For Some Transportation Fun?

You asked for it and now we have answered! Some of our followers requested transportation items for the little guys in their lives and we couldn't agree more with this request. They will be coming out as magnets and we have most favorites covered.

Tomorrow our Magnet Line will be launching in the honeycomb store and like Lunch Buddies there will be a fun coloring page on Friday to help celebrate the launch. Trust us when we say you have never seen Bumble quite like this before, so you will not want to miss this free coloring page!

Here is little peek at what the magnet line will look like:

Land and Air we have got you covered!

So don't forget to come back tomorrow and Friday to check them out and get the free coloring page!

Eva and Zi


  1. Aw, thees are sooo cute! I need me a large magnet easel!

  2. Oh, I agree with Lisa! A magnet easel would be perfect for these!