Friday, April 4, 2014

DIY Frozen craft

This little craft was a hit during H's birthday party.  I did some prep work like painting the eyes, gluing on the screwhole button for Anna's bun and precutting the ribbons, tape, fabrics etc.
Hope you enjoy this Frozen craft!

Paint brushes
Doll pins/wooden pegs
screwhole button
Craft sticks
Craft glue
Embroidery floss
White rainbow loom bands
Glitter tape
Fabric & tulle
Sven printout (optional)

We painted her hair in White pearl metallic paint and dress in Ocean Breeze gloss acrylic paint.
I braided embroidery floss to make Elsa's hair. I used a white rainbow loom band to attach Elsa's braid. 
Cut tulle into a 5" circle for skirt. (remember to cut a small slit in the center)
Once the paint dries put on tulle skirt and wrap with the aqua glitter tape to create the bodice for dress. You may need some craft glue to help the tape stay on.

ANNA (Coronation outfit)
Glue screwhole button to create Anna's bun. We used green satin fabric for the dress. Cut the fabric into a 5" circle. I used pinking shears to prevent the fabric from fraying. Cut a small circle in center.
We painted her hair in Burnt Sienna gloss acrylic paint and lower half of peg in Apple Tart paint. 
Once the paint dries put on satin skirt and wrap with the black glitter tape to create the bodice for dress. Again you may need some craft glue to help the tape stay on. Tie the green ribbon on Anna's bun.

We used bright yellow gloss acrylic for his hair paint. Dark grey for his jacket and boots. And black for his pants. Once the paint dries tie a maroon ribbon as his sash.
I printed out an image of sven and attached it onto 2 craft sticks so Kristoff could ride on Sven.

Since we have some extra pegs we should work on some more characters... maybe on a rainy day. We've been enjoying some outdoor play now that's it's finally to begin to feel more like spring!
Have a great weekend!

Who's your favorite character? Are you enjoying nice weather in your area?


  1. Very creative, love it. My favorite character is Kristoff :) Yes, hooray for the nice weather, we have been hanging out outside too.

    1. Thanks Joyce! I spoke too soon, today we have April showers... but the weekend is suppose to be real nice :)
      Have a fun weekend!

  2. I love that the characters can ride on the Moose!!! *I haven't seen the movie yet!

    1. Actually... it's a reindeer hehe ; ) You've got to watch this movie Lisa!!