Friday, March 28, 2014

H's Frozen Party

Yay for March, do you know why I (Eva) love this month so much? I get to plan my kids' birthday parties! This year H wanted a Frozen party. I had plenty of inspiration from all this cold and snowy weather we had these last few months. We invited all her girlfriends from school this year.
Take a peek into our version of Frozen!
My Christmas decorations came in very handy. We chose the blue and white color theme.
Found free Elsa & Anna papercrafts online.

Party favors
I designed personalize tags for the bags.
We made a bag of Olaf hugs, wrapped packs of Model Magic to build a snowman.
Filled a champagne flute with these pretty pearlized blue gum balls. And I found these perfect crowns at Joanns. It was so cute how all the girls wore them throughout the party.

Luckily I was able to find this Disney Frozen character gift set with Elsa, Anna and Olaf. I grabbed it as soon as I saw it since anything Frozen fly off the shelves.
I used white pearlized gum balls for snowballs and iced sugar cones to create snow covered trees.
This is by far my favorite cake I made.

Made some cupcake toppers, everyone wanted Elsa!

Frozen craft: Elsa, Anna & Kristoff
I came up with a simple design so it was easy enough for the kids to do it on their own but still have it recognizable. I'll post a more detailed post for this DIY Frozen craft next week.

"Marshmallow Attack" Game
I drew Marshmallow on cardboard and backed it up against a box and made the snowballs out of fleece. The kids had fun throwing snowballs... just like Anna. "It's not nice to throw people!" (Ok Frozen fans what part of the movie was this from?)
Another successful party, phew... now onto our next one! Have a great weekend!
Do you love Frozen too? What's your favorite song?


  1. When the snow monster threw Anna and Kristoff from the snow castle! I win! :)

    Great job Mom with all the details. H and her friends must have loved it.

    My favorite song is Let It Go. I like the part when she ran up the staircase. My husband's favorite was when Elsa let her hair down. haha.

    1. Ding ding ding YOU WIN!!! haha I knew you would know the answer :)
      Thank you! I had so much fun planning it. Yes, it was loved by all the 6 year old girls hehe.
      Let it Go is my favorite too.

  2. Great party! Great design and detail (as usual!)! Good job Eva! H baby is lucky to have you for a mom!

    1. Thank you thank you! I'm so lucky to have H baby in my life ;D

  3. I have not seen this movie yet. I know, I'm way behind. I heard it was great. The party looks beautiful. You did an awesome job, as usual!

    1. I'm sure you & C will love it :) This movie is definitely on our top 10 list.
      Thanks so much Mandi, you're so sweet!

  4. I love that you could reuse Christmas decorations!!! It was a beautiful party and I hope that H felt like the princess she is :). On another note, we haven't seen Frozen so don't "get" the big deal about it but it must be a big deal because EVERYONE loves it! Happy Birthday, H! Oh, can't wait to see the craft detail.

    1. I'd never thought I would use Christmas decorations for any other occasion hehe. Thanks so much Lisa, H did feel like a princess aka Elsa ; ) I will relay the message. Having her so happy made it all worth it!

  5. Totally impressed with your cake making skills (mad skillz!), but seeing that smile on your daughter's face really puts the icing on the cake!

    1. Thanks Nilsa! :D I'm getting more practice every year haha... Yes her smile was totally icing on the cake, priceless!