Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter egg experiments

Easter weekend is here and a mini Spring break for H will begin today. (Thanks to all those snow days we had.) As I was shopping for the kids' Easter basket goodies I came across this cool product. Not sure if you've seen these....Plastic Decorating Eggs.
It's ready to use and 100% recyclable. This way I won't feel bad "wasting" the real eggs, plus they look pretty real to me. Which is the REAL egg?

This year we'll be doing some experimenting... Kool-Aid (like Zi did last year with her kids here) vs. color tablets and hard boiled eggs vs. plastic eggs.

Check out our results.
As you can see the difference in the color saturation with the same dye.
(Plastic eggs on top and real eggs on bottom)
Here are the results that I thought was best for...
SATURATED COLORS: Color tablets with vinegar
PASTELS: Color tablets in water or plastic eggs
BRIGHT COLORS: Kool-Aid Cherry & Orange (egg 1 & 2, bottom left)
SMELL/SCENT: Kool-Aid or color tablets with lemon juice
REAL EGG: You can get more saturated colored eggs.
PLASTIC EGG: Great for kids to use since they can dye eggs to their hearts content, no food wasted and no cracked eggs. Plus you can save these for decorating next year or just recycle them.
We'll be decorating some with stickers and markers to add more fun, but also to keep the kids busy hehe.

How do you dye or decorate Easter eggs? Do you have an Easter Tradition?
Have a Happy & Blessed Easter!


  1. Love all the colors of your dyed eggs - and thanks for doing this experiment, so we know what the different combinations of color and water/vinegar/etc. look like!

    Though, why is dyeing real eggs a waste? We always either eat the hard boiled eggs, sprinkle them on salads or make egg or potato salad with them. {shoulder shrug to worries about eggs going bad} {then again, where I live, there was just snow on the ground earlier this week} {ha}

    1. Thank you Nilsa! The kids had so much fun, as did I ; )
      It's a waste (for us) since in the past years we never could eat all the eggs we made... Plus some are left out as and I"m not sure when how long you can leave eggs out and still eat it? :P

  2. This year I used food coloring, warm water, and vinegar to dye the eggs. We only dyed 6 because I didn't want too much waste. We ended up giving the egg yolks to our dog, but threw away the white part because the dye seeped through and I didn't think it was safe to eat it since the food coloring I used was REALLY old. We always decorate with stickers and markers too. :) Hope you had a good Easter weekend!

    1. Yes we had a really nice Easter :) Hope you guys did too!

  3. Very good experiment!!!!! I like all the combos you did and the tips you gave. Happy you all had a great time. I have an egg dye kit that I bought on sale last year and didn't use it this year b/c I forgot to buy white eggs. Hey, maybe I can find these plastic ones on sale so I can be prepared next year, hahaha.

    1. Thanks Lisa :) There you go, sounds like you are set for next year then hehe. I buy our kits after Easter too... for the next year!