Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Disney World Series Part 3D: Epcot Review

On our last park day we spent half the day back at Animal Kingdom. While Zi's family headed back to revisit Hollywood Studios, we wanted to check out Epcot.
Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to really enjoy all of what Epcot has to offer.  Plus it being the coldest night didn't help either and when I say cold we actually wore our heavy winter coats! So in this post we won't have "favorites" with the exception of this being my husband's favorite kingdom. But nonetheless here are a couple highlights. Our first stop was a ride that I knew H&N would enjoy.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends
This was the shortest and fastest line ever during our stay at Disney, we literally speed walk through to the end. But I'm sure the weather factor has a lot to do with this.
We sat in a clamobile and went on an undersea adventure with the cast from "Finding Nemo". The best thing about this ride is at the end they dropped you off inside a huge aquarium. The kids loved seeing the manatee, a live "Nemo & Dory", and scuba divers swimming with the fish. We spent a good hour or two there.
World Showcase
I must say Epcot at night is really beautiful with all the lights from each of the countries. With some imagination, atmosphere and landmarks you could begin to believe you were there. (Ex: the Eifel Tower in France) We stopped in Japan for dinner, nothing like a hot bowl of udon to warm you up!
I thought it was neat that all the employees are actually from the countries. You could see which city they lived in on their name tags. We even did a little shopping after dinner at Mitsukoshi. A very cool Japanese store with something for everyone.
I wished I had more to share but this is definitely a kingdom where we want to go spend some more time and revisit. Next time we will be sure to stay and watch the Illuminations: Reflections of Earth Show.

Have you been to Epcot? What are your favorites?


  1. Epcot does seem cool at night. Yay for no lines but boo on the weather. You went to FL to escape the cold, hehe. I had heard that Epcot isn't as fun for the kids, but maybe it depends on the kids! J would have loved the aquarium too!

    1. Yea figures, we thought we could "escape the cold" by going to FL. Still a blast nonetheless :) Epcot is still worth visiting for sure!