Friday, March 7, 2014

Disney World Series Part 4: Recap

Read on CNN last Monday, just as we were starting our Disney series here at Bumble of Joy, that Disney World was raising their ticket prices again. In the comments section, there were some people that said that it just isn't worth going there since it is so expensive.

Well, what do I think?

I think they do an AMAZING job creating a magical experience for their visitors, especially young children! And most people will be buying multi-day passes when they visit which are much more affordable. Of course, I'm not saying that I would be bringing my kids there every year. But it is definitely a trip that is worth saving up for and letting the kids experience at least once in their life.

I still remember E3's face during our first parade there and she saw her favorite character, Minnie Mouse. She was just in awe and had a mega-watt smile on her face!

My husband, John, wondered if the kids were a little too young to go there. Would all that money be wasted, since they might not even remember the whole experience?

Personally, I think it was totally worth it. Little kids are less jaded and can fully experience the "magic" of the place. They are just so in awe of all the wonderful details and all the characters. And even though my 3 oldest knew that the characters were just people in costumes, it did not dampen the experience one bit. It actually made them a little less scary.

What sets Disney World apart from many other places? Their amazing customer service!

For example, when we met Mickey, E2 and E3 were actually a bit timid. And even though there was a long line of people waiting, Mickey actually took the time to try and get the girls to warm up to him and made sure we got a pretty good picture together. Even after the pictures were taken, he spent a bit more time trying to engage them so they would have a good experience.

 And when we went on the Pirates of the Caribbean, I actually dropped my lens cap in the boat during the ride. I tried looking for it frantically at the end of the ride but it was stuck in this dark corner under the seats that it must of took at least 15 minutes to locate. Did we get rushed by the employees? Nope! The nice young lady working there was very patient and even offered me a flashlight to help with my search.

So I will leave you with some pictures from our trip and my final piece of advice--it is a place that I think every young child should get to experience at least once and try to go when they are young because it will truly be a magical time!

How H & E1 spent much of the trip.

What are your thoughts on Disney World? Share some of your experiences, we would love to hear from you!



  1. Awww, love that H & E1 are besties and held hands most of the trip!! So cute!!! And even though I haven't been to DW, I KNOW the customer service has to be great. I know that the characters really do stay in character all the time. And even when different actors play the same character, it's as if it's the same person. They are that committed to each character. I think in a world where there are so many sad and angry things that happen, our children should experience such a magical place. I went when I was 5 (?) and don't remember a single thing, but then again, my memory isn't the best ;). We hope to bring our children one day!

    1. Yeah, it was super cute to see the BFFs holding hands. I'm sure your family will have a great time when you decide to go!

  2. A vacation to Disney World doesn't need to be expensive at all, as long as you don't "go all out." We go during the free dining promotion and stay at one of the value resorts. Next time, we will drive since we just bought a new minivan so it will be even more economical. And totally agree with you on the characters. They really take time to interact with the kids and make sure that the parents get a good photo. I LOVE DISNEY. Can't wait to go back again. I hear the cruise is amazing too.

    1. Totally agree! I would love to do one of the cruises next time.

  3. This totally makes me want to go back to Disney! Lovely photos!
    Kristin xx