Monday, March 3, 2014

Disney World Series Part 3C: Hollywood Studios Review

Our first stop was Toy Story Midway Mania. It was a long wait and unfortunately the fast passes were all gone. As you may be able to see in the photo the wait was 105 minutes, I think it increased as we stood in line. We gambled to see if the kids could wait it out... we were about two thirds into the line when N said "Mommy I need to go to the bathroom." (Note we did all go before we got in line) And soon all followed suit and we missed out on this ride. I must say the kids were very well behaved given the length of time we were waiting, even I was getting antsy.
While there are rides in this park, most were not suitable for our kids age group. (2-5 years)
However there were plenty of shows to keep them entertained.

Favorite shows

Beauty & the Beast Live on Stage
Yet another amazing stage performance and a must see! Great for all ages. In fact, this was one of the shows that Zi's kids requested to see a second time.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid
We couldn't miss this one since Ariel is one of H's favorites. It was a short 15 minute show with highlights from the movie and some surprises in between. The only thing is I wished it was a little longer but still worthy to go watch.

If you plan on staying into the evening be sure to watch this show. This is when those glow sticks and snacks come in handy as we waited for it to begin. Amazing pyrotechnics and water projections throughout this 30 minute show. All the kids got so excited when they saw Mickey and the girls squealed in delight when they saw their favorite princesses. Just a warning to those who kids don't like loud noises, like my H. They might get startled and cover their ears at times but in the end they loved the show. N likes to call this the Mickey show.

What are you favorites in Hollywood Studios?
Eva & Zi


  1. We enjoyed Disney Jr - Live On Stage and both kids sat still through the Beauty and Beast one. We didn't make it to The Little Mermaid...timing didn't work out. I can't believe you guys waited so long for Toy Story! Your kids were troopers, mine would not have lasted. Luckily, we had FastPass. You are right, Hollywood Studios isn't for little ones, but we had a great day there nonetheless.

    1. We'll have to check out Disney Jr next time :) Having a FastPass is great!

  2. Glad the shows turned out to be great! We haven't been to DW but am enjoying your posts!

    1. Thanks Lisa :) All their shows are amazing!