Friday, December 20, 2013

Favorite Things #20

I don't mention E4 as much in my posts but now that he is almost 2, he has really started to develop his own personality. One thing that we learned very early on for him was that he LOVED anything with wheels!

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Even as a little baby, he was always attracted to the few toy cars that we had lying around (E1 is not a car type of boy). And when he started to crawl, he would always go towards things that had wheels, toy cars, strollers, wagons, you name it, if it had wheels, he liked it.

I'm still pretty amazed at just how much E4 likes cars till this day because it was definitely not something we taught him. Which sometimes brings up the whole "nature vs. nurture" debate in my mind.

When E1 was a baby, my parents would buy him more "boy toys" like cars and such thinking that he would like them. But that just wasn't the case, it turns out he loves animals.

And with E4, he came out of the womb liking cars (things with wheels) and would barely look at animals.

So when it comes to toys, I believe a lot of it is nature more than nurture!

Do you have a boy? Is he a car boy or animal boy? Where do you stand in the whole "nature vs. nurture" debate?



  1. J loves cars/trains/etc so much that he'll turn ANYTHING into a car. Everything can be "driven" in his mind. I'm definitely of the "nature" camp because 80% of the things he likes and does is all him. Nevertheless, providing opportunities for kids to explore new things is also good. Like crafts. Didn't know J liked crafts. Or maybe I just never had the materials handy for a craft for him to try.

    1. E4 is definitely like J when it comes to cars. Agreed that we should let them explore new things too!

  2. Baby C has always loved cars and anything with wheels. She still does. Just recently she started getting into stuffed animals. She uses her doctor kit on them. :)

    1. That is so cute! Love it when kids get creative.