Saturday, December 21, 2013

Favorite Things #21

With Christmas with just days away... I'm sure many of you have been out shopping at the mall and stores. Ever since H&N were young we "trained" them to go shopping haha, meaning they actually enjoy and get excited when going to the mall.
So at times H&N get treated to one of their favorite snacks... Auntie Anne's cinnamon sugar pretzel.
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Mmmm, hard to resist when you smell the aroma as you pass by the little kiosk or store front.

Do you like Auntie Anne's pretzels? What's your favorite snack that you treat yourself when you are out on the run?

*Disclaimer: All products mention in the series are not sponsored posts. They are merely our opinions of products we enjoy and would like to share with our readers.


  1. We don't have an inside mall near us, so Baby C doesn't know what pretzel are. But she would love them! I like to treat myself with either a milkshake or Starbucks. But that doesn't happen very often.

    1. I like milkshakes and Starbucks as a treat myself :)

  2. USED TO LOVE these growing up! Not so much now considering my metabolism isn't as fast ;). Whenever I'm out, I like to get a Starbucks iced latte.

    1. Haha neither is mine but I still take a piece from H&N :p that can't do too much damage, right? hehe
      Starbucks is my go to treat as well!