Sunday, December 9, 2012

Favorite thing #9

Whenever you go to the mall and walk through the department stores do you dodge the perfume lady? Or walk by Abercrombie & Fitch and smell their cologne permeating the air? Can you sniff out the clues here yet?

It can be a daunting task to buy someone perfume/cologne as a gift unless you know their "signature scent". The designer in me would rather pick a perfume by it's packaging. There are some real great designs out there but unfortunately some do not match up with a nice scent and vice versa. Personally I prefer sweet, fruity/citrus and some floral scents.  I usually use a perfume til the bottle is empty and switch up with a new scent. I'm not one to wear just one perfume my whole life. I've been using Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs for Women for the past few years now, but my current favorite scent is Coach Poppy Flower.
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Do you have a signature scent? What is your current perfume or cologne or scented lotion that you use?



  1. I have several bottles of hardly used scents at home b/c I used to be an addict ;). I always wanted to try new ones but just didn't actually wear them enough. Nevertheless, my favorites were Michael Kors (I have a thing for tuberose!) and Gwen Stefani put out a line of scents with cute lil dolls on them. I have 2. Coach Poppy sounds so light!

  2. I like to get the small bottles or rollerball perfumes. You can even have a few different scents and still have plenty to last awhile. The perfume bottles for Gwen Stefani's line are very cute. Did you buy for the scent or bottle designs? hehe I love her Harajuku illustrations. :)

    1. Good idea to buy the rollerball ones! I hate spraying perfumes anyways. I have a funny way of putting them on. I spray it into the air and walk through the mist b/c I don't want the oils from the perfume getting on my clothes. Alan & Nina get a kick out of watching me ;). I bought the Gwen Stefani ones for the scent since I got some samples. I think one of them has tuberose, hahaha! The bottles are darn cute too!

    2. And the rollerball perfumes are perfect for the purse if you want a "refresher". I sometimes do the spray & walk through method too hehe That way it's not just concentrated in one area.