Monday, December 10, 2012

Favorite things #10

One of the main reasons I like the cold seasons is because I get to wear my boots! I love boots! Now like many women, shoes in general are a weakness of mine but boots are my favorite!

Before becoming a mother I used to love heels that were 3" or even 4" because I'm pretty short so I liked feeling the extra height. But since becoming a mom, I have been leaning more towards flats since I would probably sprain my ankles running after my kids in 3" heels, I have super active kids!

Some of you might remember I talked about my hunt for grey boots for the Fall and I finally found the perfect pair a few weeks ago. During one of the rare occasions that we were walking around the mall I spotted these cute grey boots at Payless and they were on sale, score!

*Image of Sammi Strap Boots from

I love that they are flats and super comfy too, so I can wear them often with my skinny jeans or leggings while running around after my kids.

What are your favorite type of shoes? Do you enjoy boots as much as I do?



  1. What girl doesn't love boots right! I love flats, in anything :). Flat boots are extra bonus! I just wear skinny jeans or tights, so I try to avoid this shaft height. I like to the knee boots, but haven't had time to do any huntin'.

    1. I love knee high boots as well! My favorite knee highs are ones that I got from Timberland a few years ago that look like Frye boots but for fraction of the cost!