Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boo at the Zoo and Mall-oween

A couple weekends ago we went to the Philadelphia Zoo where they had an event called "Boo at the Zoo." The kids could dress up and go trick or treating. This was the first time I've seen so many people at the zoo and amazingly we bumped into Zi and her family there. It was pretty crazy that we had to park at another venue's lot. To top it off one of the trolley shuttles broke down and we ended up waiting over an hour to be picked up. One bad trick! Fortunately the kids were in good spirits and enjoyed their first time on a trolley.
As a treat/apology we got a pass for free unlimited rides in the Zoo. The kids enjoyed a horseback ride and carousel rides. We spent a good amount of time at the primate house where we got up close with some of the gorillas. There was one point when one of the male gorillas ran right towards us. Such a scary sight for me but N was not phased at all. He loved it and stood there watching them. He probably could have stayed all day.
This past weekend we went to a local mall where they have a yearly event called Mall-oween.
We got some fun freebies and activities, then went trick or treating. It was really crowded this year that we had to wait in lines at each store. I think most parents came knowing that Halloween may be a wash out because of Hurricane Sandy. What's with the weather? Last year we had a snowstorm and now a hurricane. Rain, snow or delays the kids had fun at both events.

What fun activities did you do for Halloween this year? 
Did Hurricane Sandy effect you?


  1. We went to a pumpkin farm this year. We also carved our pumpkin this passed weekend. Baby C is too young to trick or treat. She doesn't even drink juice, let alone have candy. So we'll see if we get any trick or treaters at our new home. No, Hurricane Sandy didn't effect us here in CO. :) Happy Halloween Eva, Zi and Family!

    1. Thank you MommyMandi! Happy Halloween to you and your family as well!

  2. Cute tin man indeed! Did I see H's costume? I can't remember. Witch? Princess? Anyways, glad you ran into Zi at the Zoo! Small world! What, mommy bloggers in business didn't coordinate that one? Hehe. Awesome you got unlimited rides in the zoo. We have Mall-oween here too but it's a mad house so we try to avoid it. We don't even take J trick or treating yet, though I'm sure he'd love all the candy. Maybe next year. This year, he said Happy Halloween and Good Night to all the kids when they came to the house. As for Sandy, we kept our power and water so we couldn't ask for anything more.

  3. Thanks Lisa! I did post H's Dorothy costume but not her wearing yet. I guess Zi & I still coordinate subconsciously ; ) hehe
    Aww so sweet of J. I'm sure he had fun giving out that candy. H&N gets so excited when the doorbell rings to see the trick or treaters.
    Sandy was NOT nice to us... I'm glad you guys are safe and with power :)