Monday, October 29, 2012

We've been booed!

Every year in our neighborhood around Halloween time we get treats left on our doorstep with a note and a "Boo" sign. I think it's such a fun and cute thing to do. It reminds me of those chain letters that we use to do back in elementary school. Remember those? My kids are always thrilled to find them. This is the sign we got this year.

I found their website and saw they have a free printable if you want to start one up in your neighborhood. Check our Pinterest free download board.

Basically you hang the "Boo" sign on your front door or window once you received the treat. Within 2 days make 2 copies of the note and "Boo" sign. Make 2 treats and secretly deliver to 2 neighbors/friends.

Have you ever been booed? Do you make special halloween treats for your friends?
I remember when my co-workers and I use to leave treats on each others desks. It was great! We always had fun celebrating together.


P.S. For those of you are in Hurricane Sandy's path. Stay safe!


  1. That's a cute idea. I remember the chain letters. :)

    1. Yes brings back memories right hehe
      It's neat to see how many people get booed. It's nice to get treats rather than tricks this time of year :)

  2. What a cute idea! Great way to know your neighbors too. Maybe we'll do it next year!

    1. Yes,sometimes it leaves you guessing who the mystery neighbor/friend is :) I'm really grateful for such nice neighbors, it makes a difference.