Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Favorite things #5

Before kids I would change my handbags every week or two. Or even coordinate with my outfit. I had quite the collection. Most were fairly small and compact. I remember playing a purse scavenger hunt game at a bridal shower and the best person to have on your team is a mom. She has EVERYTHING in there!  Once you become a mom there is no such thing as a compact purse. You need a bag that can fit snacks, toys, tissues, medicine, band-aids, juice boxes, wipes, you name it... oh wait you need a few items for yourself too.
These days I just stick with 2-3 handbags that I change up when I get the time or when it's time to clean it out.  To organize my purse I like using those "free make-up bags" you get during bonus time. It's a lot easier to find things and great way to use all those bags you accumulate. Plus your cell phone and keys won't get lost in the abyss.

I found a great deal on this handbag on Cyber Monday. (An early Christmas gift) It's a good size and I love the polka dot detail.
Kate Spade Kennywood Melinda
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What do you look for when you shop for a handbag?
Which is your favorite bag that you own?



  1. Aw, what a fun bag! You are right, when you're a mom, you just don't circulate bags as often, and you certainly carry a lot, or just stuff it all in the diaper bag for hubs to carry. You know already, but I recently bought the Coach Penny Shoulder Purse, which has been awesome to use on the weekends and for travel! Fits my phone, a few cards, keys, and sunnies. For day to day use, I've been using a large Seatbelt Bag tote in the Spring/Summer and the LV Speedy 30 in the Fall/Winter. I rarely use other bags and am considering selling or donating some of them.

  2. The Seatbelt Bags are cute... I think of you whenever I see them haha.
    Nice, the LV Speedy is a great one. I donated a lot of my handbags and probably should give the rest that I haven't used in years.