Sunday, December 16, 2012

Favorite things #16

Dyson vacuum DC33 Multi Floor!

Now let me start off by saying I understand that most people either love or hate Dyson and if you happened to have a lot of problems with your Dyson I feel for you and can understand your hate. But for me at this point in time, LOVE my Dyson!

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Before purchasing our Dyson, I had never really owned a nice/new upright vacuum.The one I had was an old  upright Eureka that I got from my parents when I went off to college, that was really loud and had bags you needed to change. I did purchase an Electrolux Ergo Rapido stick vacuum when we bought our house because I liked the design and that it was lightweight but unfortunately that didn't even last 3 years. The Eureka was not doing a good job picking up things from our carpet, so we felt it was time to buy a better vacuum.

After much research and a lot of thought, since Dysons are pretty expensive, we decided to get the DC33 Multi Floor since we have both hardwood and carpeting in our house and even though the DC33 is larger than some of the other models, it also had better suction which was important for us with 4 kids running around and making a mess on our carpeting.

Its been almost a year since we bought it and so far I love it every time I use it because it gets so much dirt out of our floors, it is bag-less, and you can wash the HEPA filters which is a plus in my book, not having to buy new filters often!

Are you a Dyson fan? Or do you have another type of vacuum that you love, please share!



  1. Every time we buy a vacuum, it breaks. Our current vacuum over heats and we can never finish the whole house. Maybe our next one will be a Dyson. :)

    1. Another great thing about the Dyson I didn't mention above is that it comes with a really long cord, so you don't have to constantly plug and unplug just to do one floor.

  2. We kinda got duped into a buying a Kirby. It's like a professional system, weights a ton, and is annoying when it's time to change from floor to canister style. It also came with a shampoo system, which we haven't used. Nevertheless, it has great suction power and I always feel clean afterwards. Glad you like your Dyson! I'd actually prefer just to have hardwood everywhere because I'd rather sweep and mop rather than vacuum.

    1. I remember reading about Kirby's when I was doing research for vacuums, those are pretty expensive too but I do remember reading good reviews for them. For cleaning purposes I would definitely prefer to have hardwood but for child safety I prefer carpets for the extra cushioning, especially when they tend to topple more.