Saturday, December 15, 2012

Favorite thing #15

Everyone owns a pair, guy or girl. We all are in search for a perfect pair of jeans. After having kids my once perfect pair has gone to the wayside, but don't worry I haven't purchased the infamous mom jeans. I still like to stay fashionable, HA! I pretty much wear jeans everyday. So they are a "must have item" in my closet. My favorite pair of skinny jeans are the Rock Star Jeans from Old Navy. They're comfortable and affordable!
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Which are your favorite pair of jeans?



  1. I should think that no mom of our age would ever wear "mom jeans"! Haha. I wore the Old Navy Skinny Divas for a while. I loved my JC Penny Lees but they've finally gone to the grave. Now, I tolerate my Levis and am still searching for a comfy pair of jeans :).

    1. Mom jeans should not even exist haha :)
      Banana Republic has nice jeans but on the $$ end. But if you ever catch a sale it's a good buy.