Sunday, December 23, 2012

Favorite Thing #23

With Christmas just days away there's always some Christmas special or movie on.
From the classics, like Charlie Brown's Christmas, to the ones that make you laugh, like Home Alone. One particular movie became a recent household favorite, Elf.
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We had this DVD for awhile and my kids discovered it a few days ago. I forgot how funny this movie was. Something about watching Will Ferrell in an elf costume and his "child-like innocence" in this movies cracks me up. There's nothing like a good laugh to make you feel better.

What is your favorite Christmas movie? Have you ever laughed so hard that you cried?
Hope this Christmas and holiday season will bring you much laughter!



  1. My favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone. My brother and I used to watch it every night when we were little. We had memorized the lines. We haven't watched it this year though. We watched A Christmas Carol last night and another Santa movie with Tim Allen the night before. I haven't laughed so hard that I cry in a long time. I love to do it though!

    1. Home Alone is classic, Ahhhhhhhh! I remember watching it so many times with my brother and sister as well.
      Santa Clause (with Tim Allen) is good too. Merry Christmas MommyMandi! :D

    2. Merry Christmas, Ladies!

  2. Elf is a new fave of mine too!! One of his best movies! Other faves are Rudolph, Wonderful Life, and

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    1. Yes, I like watching Will Ferrell hehe. Rudolph is a great one :) Merry Christmas Lisa!!!