Thursday, November 8, 2012

Holiday Craft With Acorns

I wanted to share a fun little craft I did with the kids last year around the holidays. It makes for a great decoration and is simple for small kids.

You will need:
1) Small wooden people (usually come in 3-4 per pack at Michaels)
2) Red felt
3) Acorn caps
4) Sharpie

First off collect some acorn caps whenever you are out for a walk. It is best if you can find ones that still have the stem. Mine originally all had stems but after the kids played with them, they fell off, oh well! Then get some small wooden people from your local craft store. I got mine from Michaels and they came in either 3 or 4 per pack. Cut red felt into small strips and taper the ends so they make a pleasing looking scarf.

Once you have all the materials in order, you are ready for your little one to start assembling. Using Aleene's tacky glue or any type of strong adhesive you may have, attach the acorn caps to the top of the wooden people. Then tie the felt scarves around their necks. You can attach them as shown in my picture or get a little more creative and try tying them another way. And last but not least, draw some fun faces on them.

Originally if the stems had been kept on by the kids, I was going to try and use a needle to attach a thread loop on top of them so they could be hung on our tree. So that is definitely an option if you are trying this craft with your children.

What are some holiday crafts you like to make with your kids? Would love to hear from you!



  1. I'm thinking about making handprint ornaments with Baby C this year.

    1. That is a great craft to make! I've always wanted to with the E kids but just never got to it. Maybe this year!

  2. Yay, turn them into ornaments. They are sooo cute!