Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Peek & Boo!

Take a peek into our Halloween’s past. Now that I’m a mom I get to make my kids’ costumes.
H&N’s 1st Halloween
H was our little “Bumble of Joy”… a bumblebee of course! I found an antenna headband and black leggings. Then sewed yellow felt stripes on a black turtleneck.
N was our super cute SUPERMAN! I bought a blue zip up jacket with matching pants. I used red and yellow felt to make the “S” superman logo, cape, belt and briefs. Red socks for his “shoes”

H&N’s 2nd Halloween
H was a sweet & sassy strawberry. I sewed green felt onto a knitted hat to make the stem and leaves. I used a large piece of red felt. Folded it in half and cut the shape of a strawberry then cut a hole on top for the opening. Added yellow seeds and green leaves around the collar. The best thing about this costume she could wear a heavy coat under it. It was pretty cold that year.
N was a dino-mite dinosaur. I found this great website for a DIY dinosaur tail. I modified the measurements to fit N. I bought brown pants and hoodie jacket then sewed spikes on the hood. I made dinosaur feet placed on top of N’s feet. It was attached around the ankles with elastic.

H’s 3rd Halloween
H was a Halloween fairy. I had to be creative that year since she wanted to be a witch at first but then at the very last minute wanted to be a fairy. I bought an oversized black T-shirt. Sewed some orange ribbon with black polka dots for the trim. Made a skirt with orange tulle and black ribbon with trim for the waist. Black leggings, boots, witch’s hat and of course fairy wings.

H’s 4th Halloween
This was the first year when I didn’t make a costume. H wanted to be Cinderella. It ended up being cheaper to buy one at the Disney store than to buy the pattern and fabric. She still wears it when she plays dress up so I got my money’s worth.

Which was your favorite? 
What do you usually do for your costumes? Buy or make?


  1. Great job with the costumes! I love the dinosaur. I usually buy the costumes--not everyone has your skills! :)

    1. Thanks Asianmommy! :) The dinosaur was my favorite for N.

  2. The strawberry is so cute! I won Baby C's costume last year for her first Halloween and I think it might still fit this year.

    1. Thanks MommyMandi! That's so cool you won the costume and can use it again :) I"m sure Baby C will enjoy Halloween even more this year.

  3. Love your homemade costumes. Very creative! I may totally steal your "strawberry" method to make J a Thomas Train costume this year. And how cute is N has a dinosaur!!!! Bet he was knocking kids down all day ;). And what a "make it work" moment when H changed her mind from witch to fairy. Bravo! No more N costumes? Great that H still wears her princess costume. Definitely worth it!

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! The "strawberry" method makes it so easy to change in & out of costume.
      My kids like to keep me on my toes, I always need a plan B. hehe
      N only had 2 halloweens so far, H has the head start :)