Monday, October 1, 2012

Cupcake Costumes

For Halloween last year I really wanted to dress E2 and E3 up as cupcakes. I liked the cupcake costumes at Pottery Barn Kids but didn't like the price, so I set out to make the costumes myself.

I wanted the costumes to be a bit roomy so they could wear a layer underneath since it always gets rather chilly here around Halloween. So I first found a shift like dress that had a loose fit for the girls to use as the 'foundation' of the costumes. Then I created the patterns for the icing, dots, and the cup part.  I had not worked on such a labor intensive sewing project since college but I must say I had a great sense of achievement when I was done with the costumes.

Now they hang in the girls room since their room has a "Sweets Shop" theme, which is perfect!

Please share one your more labor intensive projects, we would love to hear them!


  1. Very cute costumes, with the cupcake liners and all! Do you always dress E2 and E3 in coordinating costumes? And I love that you can hang them up as decoration b/c then it's not a waste! Once, I made a Princess dress from the Mario Brothers. It took me about 30 painful hrs working with the cheapest fabric and thread. Oi. I tossed it b/c it was falling apart :(. It was fun though, in a way, because Alan dressed up as Wario (which took him all of 5 min to do, last minute, ARGH!), his sister dressed up as the mushroom, and his sister's hubby dressed up as Mario. I wish I knew where that photo was!

    1. 30 hours is a long time! I think I remember some pictures you may have posted a while back of these costumes, it sounds very familiar! I like to co-ordinate the girls because I think it's cute and I want to do it before they get older and don't want to dress alike anymore.