Monday, August 6, 2012

H&N's Top 5 Books

Reading books is something we love to do every night before bed. There are certain books we reread that my kids memorized and “read” to each other. Our theme this week revolves around books and I wanted to share some of our favorites. These are not in any particular order.

H’s Top 5
  1. Pinkalicious, By Victoria Kann & Elizabeth Kann.
    I actually found this book at a yard sale right before it became a huge hit. H loves the Pinkalicious series but this is her all time favorite.
  2. The Giving Tree, By Shel Silverstein.
    A classic, one of my favorites as well.
  3. Big Pumpkin, By Erica Silverman.
    H found this book on display at Barnes & Noble during Halloween and loved the story. We read this all year round.
  4. Furious George Goes Bananas, By Michael Rex.
    A cute parody to the Curious George books, H thought this story was a riot. She had me read it several times the first day we bought it.
  5. The Amazing Adventures of Bumblebee Boy, By David Soman & Jacky Davis
    “Bum ba bum bumm!” H shouts.

N’s Top 5
  1. How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? By Jane Yolen & Mark Teague
    N loves this series but this is his favorite by far.
  2. Curious George Goes to the Ice Cream Shop, By Margret & H.A Rey
    Two of N’s favorites things… Curious George + ice cream. How can he not like this book.
  3. Dinosaurs Love Underpants, By Claire Freedman & Ben Cort
    A fun story about the extinction of dinosaurs and a little lead into introducing “big boy pants” for my boy.
  4. Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? By Eric Carle.
    I love listening to N “read” this story to me.
  5. Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs, By Sandra Boynton
    N loves to narrate and change his voice according to the type of dinosaur. N bellows in a low voice, “Dinosaurs BIG” and squeaks, “Dinosaurs tiny”. We have such fun with this book!

Which books do your kids have memorized? What are some of his/her favorite book series?

Happy Reading!


  1. It's so cute when kids "read" to adults, whether it's actually reading, memorizing, or just making cute sounds! J loves to point and identify objects in books. He also likes to name colors and letters. If Alan or I use a certain tone of voice, like surprised, or do a silly facial or hand gesture, J does that every time he "reads" too. J goes through phases of favorite books, which is great for us so we don't get too bored, haha. His current favorites are a series of Baby Einstein's that have a music accompaniment. You see the shape on the page, and you press the button for the related song/sound. J can just press those shapes all day long. He also loves a puzzle/book of trucks. The kid loves trucks. I know so much more about trucks now ;). Another one is called "Beautiful Oops" by Barney Saltzberg, which is a colorful book teaching kids that "oops" can be turned into beautiful things. I think you and Zi would like it too since you're both so artistic. And "For Just One Day" by Laura Leuck which is kids pretending to be different animals. Really cute. That Furious George books sounds so great! My wishlist is to get some Chinese books :).

    1. I read "Beautiful Oops" to E2 when we went to B&N a few weeks back, it is a great book! I'll have to look for "For Just One Day" since the E kids love to pretend to be different animals, they would get a kick out of that one. Great recommendations and thanks for sharing!

    2. I'll have to look for those books next time we are at B&N, sounds like something H& N would enjoy. Thanks!
      We got a real cute book written in Chinese and English from a friend called " Good night hugs from God" By Mack Thomas.

  2. My older daughter memorized most of her Sandra Boynton books. My favorite was always Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs.

    1. Sandra Boynton books are pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing Asianmommy!

  3. Eric Carle is one of our favorite authors over here too! I love when little kids memorize the books. My mom told me that when I was little, I memorized a book and was reading it in the doctor's office waiting room. Everyone looked at me amazed. They thought I was really reading it. :)

  4. HAHA that is too funny Mandi! Love it :)