Thursday, August 2, 2012

Free Coloring Page Download & Contest!

We are really excited about today's post, read on and find out why!

About once a month on Bumble Of Joy we will be offering a free coloring page download to our readers. You can print out as many sheets of the coloring page as you would like for your kids to enjoy.

Going hand in hand with this free coloring page download, we will be holding a coloring contest for your kids. Contest rules will be listed out below. We cannot wait to see all the wonderful pages that will be submitted!

Today's downloadable page is Strawberry Picking, concluding our strawberry theme'd week.

Contest Rules:

Contest Start Date:   8/3/2012    
Contest End Date:    8/15/2012

1) Only 1 entry per child. "Like" our FB page and post your child's colored masterpiece on our page with first name/initials (whatever you are comfortable with) and their age. You can either scan or take a picture of the colored paged to post on our page.
2) Entries posted by someone who has not liked our page will be disqualified.
3) Get your friends to "Like" our page and vote by liking your child's masterpiece. The page with the most "Like"s wins. If there is a tie then winner will be chosen based on our discretion.
4) Only residents of 48 states in the continental US are eligible.
5) Prize depending on gender: Girls will get a hair clip from BOJ and boys will get a pin from BOJ.
6) Winner will be announced 1 day after the contest end date on our FB page.
7) The winning coloring sheet will also be posted on our blog, 2 days after the contest end date.
8) For privacy reasons, we ask that the winner send BOJ a private message on our FB page so that we can connect with you and get the prize mailed out in a timely manner.
9) We want as many children to have a chance to win our coloring page contests; so we reserve the right to limit the amount of times a child can win consecutively.

In case you missed it, here is the free coloring page download link again:
Strawberry Picking 


  1. Ooops, I wasn't able to access the download! J won't be "coloring" so much as scribbling ;). Cute contest! I'll check back for the download.

    1. Try again, I was fixing the link just now.

  2. hi, i'm saw on lisa's wall about your blog, so i'm here to support my friend's friends. :) new follower, and i'll try to have my kids enter the contest, but to be honest, they are not the "best" color-ers... i'll like the FB page anyways, but where is the link?

    i'll check back later for the link. have a great day!! cute blog!

    ADAM ❤ ALEX Mommy

    1. Welcome AdamAlexMommy! Just click on "Strawberry Picking" and and coloring page should show up for you to print or download. Can't wait to see your kids' submits!

  3. Lisa told me about your site and the really cute coloring page. I have a 9 year and 4 year old so one should be good, the other will probably be one color scribbled all over. I'll check out the rest of your site and follow!

    1. Welcome Laura B! Glad you were able to come check out our site! both children could submit if you would like, scribbles are welcomed as well! Check out our FB page, there are submits from children younger than 4.
      One color scribbled all over would add more color to our page! =)
      Would love to hear your feedback after you check out the rest of the site.