Monday, December 23, 2013

Favorite Things #23

This past month when you turn on the TV there's at least one Christmas special playing on some channel. This year H&N actually watched some classics like The Polar Express, Santa Clause, and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (The one starring Jim Carrey). And to my surprise their favorite was The Grinch. So thanks to our DVR they can watch this over and over again.
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One day I overheard a conversation between H&N about the Grinch.
H: "N do you want to watch The Grinch?"
N: "Noooo"
H: "N are you scared of the Grinch?"
N: "Yea"
H: "He's not scary he just looks like a green kitty cat."
(Actually I don't N was afraid at all just more of not wanting to watch the movie again haha!)
I guess I should put this on the list of books to get!

What is your favorite Christmas special that you watched growing up or watch now with the kids?

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  1. Anna really appreciated The Grinch too this year. We even did a Grinch craft because she liked it so much. We also watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, but she didn't ask to watch it again so I guess she didn't like it as much.

    1. I liked your Grinch craft, so cute! We didn't catch the Charlie Brown Christmas this year. My kids weren't into it when I had it on last year, maybe they have to be a little older to get into it haha.

  2. Aw, green kitty cat! We don't watch a lot of movies with J but last year we watched Rudolph together, the stop-motion/claymation one and it wasn't as sweet as I remember as a kid. It was my favorite then but watching it as an adult, I'm like "it's a good thing I didn't understand a lot of this b/c some of it was sad and maybe inappropriate for a 3 yr old".

    1. I loved watching Rudolph too growing up. I don't think as kids we really read into the meanings of those movies.

  3. I used to love to watch Home Alone. But my brother and I would watch it all year round. We had it memorized.

    1. That's one of my favorites too! I watch it every time I catch it on TV. It never gets old. I wanted to let H&N watch but then didn't want to give N any ideas since "Kevin" is pretty naughty LOL