Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Favorite Things #17

While running errands with the kids, H&N get excited when they see a Pet Smart.
H screams "Pet store!!!! Mommy can we go there?"
This is one of H's favorite store to visit. I'm not a huge animal person but to seeing how H&N get so excited it's hard to say no especially if it's next to the store I'm shopping at.
They have a routine down first the fish, then the cats & kittens. H&N have become attached to one at the store named Bella. She is one friendly and playful cat.

Then we are off to the mice, gerbils, hamsters, etc. EEK!!! This is where I stand a few feet away. Anything that is rodent like I stay clear of. H says "awww look how cute!" My response "Mommy doesn't think so and you are also NEVER ever getting one of those as a pet!" haha
And the last stop is watching the dogs get groomed. They could stay there for hours if I let them.
So you can guess one of H's wishes is to get a cat or dog. Like Zi, I'm allergic to cats... and dogs as well. So the only pets we have are fish, HA!

What is your ideal pet? Are you allergic to any animals? 
Do you ever just stop in a pet store to see the animals?


  1. I am with you - I get the heebie-jeebies when I look at the mice or hamsters!

    When I was little, I used to go the pet store to look at animals. My mom would grocery shop, and I would run off on my own to the pet store.

    1. Oh good I'm not alone hehe ; )
      I remember loving to go to the pet store too!

  2. Baby C has actually never been to a pet store before. I bet she would like it. I'm allergic to cats and some dogs, depending on their fur type.

    1. Sounds like you and me are in the same boat with the allergies :P

  3. I got cat allergies too. And the rodent-like animals freak me out too. Not so much the hamsters and gerbils since my sister had one for a brief period of time. I remember LOVING the pet store when I was a kid! Now, I go in to buy supplies so it's not so fun. More like a chore ;). Nevertheless, when J is with us, he's pretty fascinated by the hamsters on their wheels and also the fish. He's always like NEMO! As for dogs, you might find some "hypoallergenic" dogs to suit you. Come to our house & test out our hypoallergenic bichons ;).

    1. I totally remember your sister's hamster, haha. I got the chills when she showed me and asked me how I could not think it was cute haha!
      I didn't realize bichons were hypoallergenic. I''ll have to visit for a test run hehe. And they are small dogs another plus. Shhh don't tell H yet... we're not ready to have a dog anytime soon.