Sunday, December 1, 2013

25 Days of Our Favorite Things

Hello December!
This year we will be sharing our kids' favorite things and so our countdown to Christmas begins.
*Disclaimer: All products mention in the series are not sponsored posts. They are merely our opinions of products we enjoy and would like to share with our readers.

Every time I take my kids to Target they always ask if they can go to the game console area. H loves to play the Super Mario Bros. Wii game while N loves to play with the Skylanders.
The last time I played Super Mario was on the very first Nintendo game system and as for Skylanders I'm still learning what this is all about. So you can guess these two items are on their wish list this year!
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I still remember when my dad bought me the Atari video game system. It was the coolest thing ever to play PacMan or Donkey Kong, remember that?

Did you enjoy playing video games? What is/was your favorite game?
What's on top of your or your kid's wish list?


  1. I liked video games growing up. Baby C likes to play games on the iPad. On her wish list this year is the new Veggie Tales Christmas DVD, Froggy Boots and a Glow Pet.

    1. What a fun list, those Glow Pets are cute! I'm sure she will get her wishes :)

  2. I LOVE Super Mario Brothers and was quite good at it too! :) Anna said she wants a red train and perler beads. Will has no idea what's going on.

    1. Haha then you should come and play with H! Oh perler beads are great. Just beware of spills they are "fun" to clean :P

  3. We were only allowed to play on weekends and during summer vacation, after doing our Chinese summer homework though! We didn't even have the Nintendo. We had a bootleg version from Taiwan that had a tape with over 100 games, including bootleg Mario Brothers for which you could skip entire worlds. It was awesome to be able to win all the time :P. J said he wanted new cars for Christmas.

    1. LOL on the 100 game tape, wow! I just played on my friend's Nintendo. I only had the Atari and then I my brother got a Sega.
      I wished N asked for cars instead haha!