Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation week is May 6-10 this year and I've been brainstorming gift ideas for H's teachers. She has 3 teachers in her classroom (2 main teachers and one that helps out in different classes as needed) I always run into the dilemma on what's an appropriate and considerate gift for the teachers. Do I give the main teacher a "nicer" gift since she does all the planning etc. or do I give all three teachers the same? Fortunately H's school has a list of the teachers favorites (Ex: food, treats, stores, etc.) so that helps me out a bit. I don't really remember giving my teachers gifts, maybe with an exception when asked to chip in for a special gift. As I searched for some inspiration I found some cute expressions and gift ideas.
Here are my Top 10 Favorite gift ideas: (Not in any particular order)
1. You deserve an extra Payday - with a Payday candy bar
2. Your teaching is right on target- with Target gift card
3. You are o'fish'ally the best! - with Goldfish crackers or Swedish fish
4. Shooting for brownie points- with brownies or box of brownies
5. You are a 'Fanta'stic teacher - with a bottle of Fanta
6. We 'flippin' love you! - with spatula  & pancake or cookie mix
7. We are fortunate to have you - takeout box with fortune cookies
8. I'm so lucky to have you as my teacher - with lottery ticket
9. We need S'more teachers like you - with S'mores kit
10. Here's a 'pat' on the back for doing such a great job! - with gift certificate for a massage

From all those great inspirations I came up with this for H's teachers: Thanks a latte for making me one smart cookie! I'm sure you can figure it out, I'll post the final product next week so stay tuned.

Do you give gifts to your kid's teacher(s)? 
If you're a teacher what kind of gifts do you enjoy getting?
Which is your favorite quote/gift?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Baby C isn't in school yet. But as a former teacher, I loved gift cards! So of course, I like your #2 and #10 :)

    1. That's good to know Mandi! I would like #2 & #10 as well even tho I'm not a teacher haha :D

  2. My daughter has two great teachers that I am looking forward to give them end-of-year gifts. I am thinking Amazon gift cards and something homemade.

    1. Hi Sugarlens! Sounds like gift cards are the way to go :) Thanks for buzzing by our site!

  3. I once read online that a majority of teachers love gift cards because they are practical. We've always given our daycare teachers gift cards. For Teacher Appreciation, not sure we'd give gift cards. We'll save that for the end of the year. I like some of your ideas with the homemade treats. I can guess what YOURS will be. Very clever!

    1. That's good to know Lisa! To me a gift card is like a free shopping spree :)
      I knew you would be able to figure it out haha, thanks! I hope it turns out as good as the idea in my head now hehe :P

  4. Gift cards are great b/c so many teachers spend $ out of their own pocket on supplies these days, but when I taught (just for a year) I enjoyed all of the different gifts I received. One I remember that was probably inexpensive (a must once your children have 6-8 teachers) was a homemade ornament. I still have it 12 years later! The pin idea is super cute, and I think it's wonderful that you're thinking for teachers :)

    1. The ornament is a great idea :) I'm sure my kids will love making some. That's so great that you still have it after all these years. Thanks Ally! There are many great teachers out there who do so much for our kids and they definitely deserve to be recognize. :)

  5. How cute--love the lottery ticket idea!