Thursday, April 11, 2013

Angry Bird Space party

N loves Angry Birds so I wasn't surprised when he said "Mommy, I want Angry Bird Space for my party!" I actually did "homework" since there are different birds in each version... space, star wars, seasons etc. Thank God for Pinterest and Google.

For this I made Super Red Bird and put him on the sling. Party details are on the back.

We have a collection of Angry Birds & Pigs to use as decor. Since it was a space theme I made a Happy Birthday banner out of space eggs and stuck stars and moons on the wall. Added streamers and made Super Red Bird balloons to add some color.

Level 3, CAKE:
N wanted a Super Red Bird cake. I also made pig cupcakes for the kids. I used Wilton candy eyes and sugar pearls for the nostrils.

Level 4, FAVORS:
I made angry bird goodie bags and attached personalized tags for each kid. I made "TNT" boxes to hold an angry bird. Designed a fun package for glow in the dark stars, candy & snacks. And last but not least angry bird punch balloons.
Level 5, GAMES:
Since H had a piñata N wanted one too, of course. I made him the Ice Bomb Bird piñata.
Again the kids cleaned up the treats in record time!

Pin the mask on Super Red Bird.
I drew red bird, cut out the masks and made a fun blindfold. The kids were very clever, they started to feel for the last person's mask to guess where to stick their mask.

Angry Bird Space toss game.
I used various cardboard boxes wrapped in craft paper to recreate the wooden planks. Cut holes, glued on some space pigs and made space bird bean bags. The kids really enjoyed this game and wanted to play a second round.

N was thrilled and got so excited when he saw the things I made for him. Priceless! Everyone had a smashing good time. I had tons of fun planning H&N's birthdays.
I'm partied out...until next year!

Are you or your kids into playing with Angry Birds? 
What is your favorite app game that you play?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I pinned several images from this post because I'm sure *anyone* throwing an Angry Birds party could get inspiration from your many crafts/ideas. Wow Wow Wow! Love the string on the invitation, an added touch. LOVE the cake and cupcakes - you're so super talented! And even a bag toss game? Of course the kids loved it! Congrats on another successful birthday party!!!! Happy birthday to N.

    On another note, I had no idea there were variations of Angry Bird. I'm out of the loop ;). J likes to play the random free apps we download for him on our phones. Most of them do involve cars though. The generic type, not the Disney Cars.

  2. Thank you for all those compliments ... and pins :D I hope I can inspire others.
    Well you quickly learn about the things you kids get into haha I'm sure you know everything about cars and trains from J.

  3. This is so great!! I threw an Angry Bird party last summer...the same child wants a Space version....this is going to come in handy 10 times over!! I can only be creative for so long! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    <3 it!

    1. Hi Brandie! Thanks so much, I'm so glad this can give you some inspiration for the party. :) Have fun planning! I guess I better be prepared to plan a different Angry Bird version next year? haha

  4. Oh my goodness! You are so creative! But I tell you girls that all the time. It looks like such a fun party. Nice work mama!

    1. Aw thank you Mandi! I can always count on you as our cheerleader :) It was definitely fun for all. Birthday parties are definitely one of my favorite creative outlets.

  5. My goodness you are seriously a fabulous party planning mama! LOVE every single thing you did, you are so creative! Such an awesome party. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Thanks so much Yi-chia! :) It's my passion so I like to go all out, within my budget of course haha

  6. So impressive! I know nothing about Angry Birds other than it's a game and an app. I was addicted to Words with Friends but gave it up last November....but just started a game this week. Hoping to play in moderation :)

  7. Thanks Ally! I played Words with Friends too but then people stopped playing. Now my latest fav app is Candy Crush :)

  8. Wow--you did a fabulous job on this party. Love the decorations & the favors. Very creative!

    1. Thanks Asianmommy! It was a blast :)

  9. Hoping over from expandng's blog :)
    This looks like such a fab theme party! My daughter likes her angry birds and she will be so thrilled if she had such an elaborate party set up.

    1. Thank you Susan! The best thing about Angry birds it's fun for both boys and girls :)
      Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon :)