Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Princess & Pirate party

These past few weeks I'm been super busy planning and prepping for H's party this coming Saturday. (I'll share the details next time) Birthdays were so memorable for me as child. Having friends over, cake, presents and all kinds of good food. That was when I couldn’t wait to be another year older. Oh how things have changed. Now I have the opportunity to make them fun and hopefully unforgettable for my kids. I always get so excited when their birthdays come up.

March is a busy month for me since my kids’ birthdays are only 4 days apart. Last year we had a combined birthday party. The question was what would be fun for a 4 year-old girl and 2 year-old boy? Since my daughter is the typical girl in her princess phase, what better than to plan a princess and pirate party.

I drew a princess and a pirate illustration of my kids to carryout in my designs. For the invitations I decided to make a map. I printed on parchment paper and burned the edges for effect. I made a castle for my princess and a pirate ship for my lil captain.
We had a candy table for guests.  I made labels for each treat to go along with the theme.
For some fun activities we had a craft where the kids decorated tiaras or pirate hats. And a couple of games I came up with:
“Where’s me gold treasure?”
I drew a big treasure map where you had to find gold coins. I placed them in a treasure chest package. Some had gold coins while others had fools gold = a wooden coin. The one with the most gold coins wins a prize.
“Save the Princess” 
A modified version of hot potato where the kids passed the princess doll and whoever is holding the princess when the music stops saves the princess and wins a prize.

At the end of the day everyone had fun and most importantly I had a very happy birthday girl and boy!

What are some of your favorite birthday party themes that you've seen or planned? 
Do you do combined birthday parties?

A little shout out to Zi's husband, whose birthday is today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!


  1. You are so creative! Great job! I planned a Mod Monkey party for Baby C's 1st birthday and of course, a Caillou bday for Baby C's 2nd.

    1. Thanks Mandi! Aww Mod Monkey is so cute. Yes, Cailou... my kids love him. I'm surprised they didn't ask for a Cailou party. I would have the perfect party favor hehe.

  2. I don't do themed nurseries, parties or anything of the sort. I blame my parents (I didn't grow up in a house where we had themed parties.) That said, I'm always very impressed when parents can pull off cute and fun themes without paying someone to do it for them. =) Nice job on your pirates and princess party last year!

  3. Thanks so much Nilsa! :) When I was younger birthdays were much simpler. I don't recall theme birthday parties for myself or the ones I attended. So now I can have all the fun, hehe.

  4. How cute are cartoonized H & N! I love the coordinating, yet still unique, princess/pirate themed party! Look at those cakes, dear! Wowee! And your burned parchment for the invites? WOW! What a special touch. I love that the party is both great for boys and girls. So how many people in your house? More or about the same if the party was for only 1 child? Guess the family only has to make one trip, so that's good :). Most likely we'll throw combined parties since J and our expected-one will have July birthdays. Though maybe for the first year, we'll make the young one his/her own because it is so special. We'll see! The parties on Project Nursery are seriously magazine worthy with their professional photos, bakers, and decorations. But at least I know that's not for me because I'd rather spevnd the money elsewhere. Nevertheless, great for some inspiration!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I wish I had better shots from the party last year. I'll try harder this year, I should hire you hehe :)
      I had a combined party since the guest list was the same for H&N. I did do a separate one for N's 1st Birthday, it is a special one. It would be nice to have combined ones but I think it's hard now since H is in school and wants to invite school friends to come. I'll have to check out Project Nursery. Love looking at stuff like that.

    2. I'd take photos for free if I were in the area! I can understand when the guest list starts changing for the two of them, the parties might start diverging. Guess we'll see with our two kids too :)!

  5. My gosh, what a cute party! I LOVE both cakes, they are adorable!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Thanks so much Yi-chia! We had plenty of cake leftover haha. It was so much fun to plan :)