Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Valentine craft: HEART!

Since H started school this year the making of valentine's for her classmates has begun. During my school years it was always fun to receive valentines. It was a simple card and maybe some conversation hearts in our cubbies. Now there are all sorts of things you can do and purchase.
Of course this year H's friends will be receiving BOJ's "You Warm Up My Heart" Valentines
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I also did a fun craft with H & N to give to their grandparents, aunt and uncle (my siblings).
It started with an inspiration from my kids. One day H came up to me out of the blue and  placed her hand on my chest and said "Heart!" and N quickly followed. I said "Thank you H, thank you N! What was that for?" H replied "I give you a heart mommy, because I love you!" Moments like that is what motherhood is all about.

Heavy weight paper
Paint (we used Crayola washable kids' paint)
Paint brush
Red/pink felt or construction paper

First paint child's hand with color of their choice. You can let them do it, I'm sure it's more fun for them this way. Place hand firmly on paper and slowly lift hand.
Once dry, cut out hand. Depending on the child's age, here's a chance for them to practice their cutting skills. Glue on heart and write your love note on the back.

This is sure to bring a smile to your valentine! You can even do this as a "valentine tradition" and see how your child's hand grows each year.

Who will you give your "HEART" to today? 
What are some unexpected moments in your life that made your day?



  1. Aw, how sweet of H & N! And cute card! I love cards/gifts/etc that include hand or feet prints! Great idea to let them paint their own hands. I'm sure they loved it!

    1. Yes LOVE my kids like crazy... isn't it great being a mom :)
      Thanks Lisa! They had blast making them. I'm sure J would too.

  2. These are so cute. Baby C has trouble keeping her hand open whenever we do this. Ha ha! That was so sweet of H. Melts my "heart!" One day, I was getting ready for the day and Baby C comes in the bathroom and says, "Pretty mommy!" Awww! I didn't even know she knew what that meant or how to say pretty.

  3. Thanks Mandi!
    Awwww so sweet of Baby C. I LOVE that!!! What a great way to start off your day! She's a smart girl... her mommy is pretty! ; )