Thursday, January 17, 2013

Disney on Ice

One of my fondest memories as a little girl was going to my first Ice Capades featuring the Smurfs. La la la la la la.... It was a dream come true, my love of watching ice skating and the Smurfs too! We had a family friend who happened to know someone performing in the show and got front row tickets! I'll never forget when Smurfette was trying to hide from Gargamel in one scene and came up to me and "hid" in my lap. I was overjoyed and amazed she came up to me!

So when I saw a really good deal to see Disney on Ice I had to purchase some tickets. I knew my kids would love it but I had some convincing to do when it came to my husband. Over Christmas break we went to see Rockin' Ever After.  The show featured Ariel, Rapunzel, Merida & Belle.
MC's Mickey, Minnie, Donald & Goofy (not shown)
Tangled: Rapunzel, Flynn, & Maximus
Brave: Merida, triplets and clans
Beauty & the Beast
This show is perfect for all ages, boys and girls. N enjoyed it just as much as his sister.  He was mesmerized and clapped along. Great music, performances, theatrics and cool pyrotechnic effects. They already told me they would love to see another show.... and my husband would be happy to tag along too haha!

What was one of your fondest experiences as a child?



  1. How awesome that Smurfette hid in your lap when you were a kid! That must have been priceless! I have a picture of when Baloo from The Jungle Book tried to hug me in Disney World, and the look on my face was like "uh, what's going on? go away". But my fondest memories were going to the circus and amusement parks with the whole family. Glad your hubs went to see the ice show. I bet he secretly enjoyed it more than the kids ;). My first ice show was on a cruise a few years ago. Very cool.

    1. Yes Lisa it was priceless and something I never will forget! :)
      HAHA that is awesome you captured that moment with Baloo. Wouldn't it be funny if you get that "same shot" with J. I loved going to the circus too!

  2. So fun! I had lots of great memories as a child. Lots of them were on the beach. My aunt used to take my brother, cousins and I all the time. And all of our family reunions were on the beach.

    1. Love the beach! We always try to go every summer. Good times :)