Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We are so happy that the weather turned out to be nice on Saturday so we didn't have to reschedule our pumpkin patch trip! Originally was predicting 40% chance of rain but then by Saturday morning it was only at 10%. The weather looked nice outside so we decided to chance it and go ahead with our plans.

This year we went to None Such Farms in Buckingham, PA. As mentioned in Friday's post, we had been there 4 years ago when Eva and I both only had 1 child. Now we are going with 6 kids in tow, what a difference a few years make! The farm had gone through some changes as well. Their pumpkin patch had grown quite a bit and there was not only a traditional tractor drawn hayride but also a draft horse drawn hayride as well! The farm also features--decorated pumpkin people, hay bale maze, pony rides, live music, tractor drawn wagon ride for kids and food. The rides require different amount of tickets and the tickets cost $1 a piece.

We decided to go pick pumpkins first before going on the various rides. The field was a bit overgrown so it was difficult for the children to walk through some parts of the patch where there were plants that were taller than them in the way. But we had fun none the less and found quite a few pumpkins to our liking.

E3: "I like this one."

The great thing about None Such Farms is that their patch has various types of pumpkins and even gourds growing so you could pick all different kinds. We were able to pick traditional orange pumpkins, albino pumpkins, and tan pumpkins. E1 and H even found a huge albino pumpkin during our trek!

H:"Look at what we found!"

After taking many pictures and finding lots of pumpkins, we found the ones we wanted and decided to leave the patch and go for some rides.

First up were pony rides for E2 and E3.

Followed by wagon rides for H, N, E2, and E3. E1 wasn't too interested in the rides for some reason.

H & N: "Hi Mommy!"

Then we decided to go on the draft horse drawn hayride since that was a more unique experience.

Not the one we were on but a nice view of the draft horse hayride.

Our horses were named Flash and Clyde. Flash is on the left and Clyde is on the right.

The horses have their own personality and we started out with them tangled up (you can see it if you look closely at the picture), so a farm worker had to untangle them. Then we were off and trotted along the field. At one point there was a bit of a slope and the horses picked up their pace and the kids got quite a kick out of that! There were also some corn stalks hanging low that our carriage came in close contact with so we had to brush those aside. The end of the hayride was a short distance on a paved road and the kids enjoyed listening to the click clacking of horseshoes on the pavement. This proved to be quite a unique experience indeed!

After the hayride, we still had a few tickets left, so H, N, E2 and E3 went on the wagon ride again and had a great time the second time around. By this time the weather was getting a bit chilly and we had used up all our tickets. So after a short rest listening to the live music and munching on some snacks we decided it was time to leave the farm.

Overall, a great experience at the pumpkin patch this year!

We would love to hear your pumpkin patch experiences, do share!


  1. It looks like you had a blast. I love that tractor wagon ride. How fun! We will be going on our pumpkin patch trip in a couple of weeks. Last year, we took Baby C to one and I carried her around in our Ergo because she couldn't walk yet. This year will be much more fun for her.

    1. Baby C is going to have so much fun this year!

  2. E3, I like that one too! I love how excited they are about the albino-pumpkin-find! I love lil N's hand waving at Mommy. You chose the perfect weekend b/c this past one was sooo cold! We are hoping to go to a pumpkin patch this weekend. I'm hoping to find the BIGGEST pumpkin in the world. Haha!

    1. Wishing you the best of luck in finding the BIGGEST pumpkin! Can't wait to see some pictures, I'm sure you are going to take lots of great ones!