Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Paper Pumpkin Craft

Here is a simple paper pumpkin craft that I did with E1, E2, and E3 one day. It is great for younger kids and also can help with fine motor skills.

First I drew some pumpkin shapes on orange construction in all different sizes and then cut them out.
Out of brown construction paper I drew and cut out some stems. And then out of black construction paper I cut out some eye shapes, nose shapes, and mouth shapes.  I also added some googly eyes to the selection so the kids could decide on their own what they want to use.
Then we are ready to start decorating our paper pumpkins!

I also made one myself so the kids could see what they are supposed to do with all the shapes but I let them decide how exactly they wanted to decorate their own pumpkin. They got to practice using glue sticks and placing the shapes on their pumpkins. It was pretty exciting to see how they each picked slightly different shapes and showed their individuality.
Then we lined our finished products for a group shot!
And then hang them up on our magnetic board to show daddy when he comes home.

Any fun fall crafts you have made with your kids? Would love to have more to do with the kids.
Also, don't forget to submit your child/children's pumpkin picking coloring page!



  1. So simple yet looks like so much fun. You are right about great fine motor skill craft! I love it!

    1. The kids did have a great time working on this little craft. I'm sure Baby C would enjoy it as well!

  2. How cute! I wish I were so creative :( Guess I'll just be stealing your ideas ;)

    1. We each have our own strengths! Not everyone has a PhD. We are always happy to share ideas.

  3. Adorable! Looks like a lot of fun.