Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Magnets Alert!

Getting into the spirit of Halloween with some treats and no tricks here at Bumble of Joy, we will be rolling out some fun new magnets tomorrow!

We are a bit giddy about these magnets because they are just so cute and adorable! Let us introduce you to the friendly and not at all scary monsters from Bumble's closet--Mittens, PJ, Tux, Buttons, and Jeans.

See if you can guess which is which. They will be added to our honeycomb store tomorrow and don't forget to come back on Friday for a free coloring page.

Eva and Zi


  1. Mittens - the blue and white one
    Buttons - the green one
    Tux - the orange one, inside the card
    Jeans - the purple one
    PJ - the orange one, in front

    Very cute Monsters!

    1. Good guess Lisa! Check back tomorrow to see if you got it right.

  2. Oh my gosh--how cute is that?!