Thursday, October 18, 2012

M is for mummy craft

Unfortunately we didn't have any coloring page submits for this month's contest.  Hopefully there will be submits next time?

Regardless, here's a fun mummy craft that I did with H&N. H was more interested in making this than N. But once he saw his sister doing it he hopped on to the chair and said "I want to make a mummy too!"
This gave me an opportunity to teach the kids "the letter of the day... M" and H could practice her cutting skills. N's obviously is not as advance but he enjoys learning how to hold scissors and cut slivers of paper.

White balloon
White cup
White streamers
Googly eyes
Paper to draw arm and legs

As H was cutting I inflated the balloon to make the head and cut a slit on the bottom of the cup. Insert balloon end through the slit.
Now cut streamer in strips. I cut the streamers in half to make smaller strips. Apply glue and wrap up the mummy's head and body. Glue on eyes, arm and legs.
Do you like H&N's mummies? If you do please Pin It, thank you!

What do you love most about being a mummy? or love about your own mummy?
I love getting an unexpected "I love you mommy!!!", hugs and kisses from my kids. PRICELESS!!!


  1. These are soooo cute! Could totally do with toilet paper too! And sorry no coloring page submit! I tried to get J to color but he wasn't having any of it! Maybe next month!!! And I love when J takes my face in both hands, and open mouths kisses me. LOL!

    1. Thanks Lisa! Yes toilet paper is a good idea :) I know how it is, when a kid made up his/her mind it's hard to convince them otherwise, especially a 2 yr old. Been there, done that ... and still doing hehe.
      Awww big kisses for mommy, Love it!
      thanks for commenting :)

  2. That is adorable! So creative and fun.

    1. Thanks Asianmommy! I like how they turned out looking different.
      Have a nice weekend!