Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia.

This was the first time where we had my parents and sister on vacation with us. Unfortunately my brother wasn’t able to come. We had one packed minivan!
Since this was one of our longest car rides I wasn’t sure how long it would take before the kids got antsy. If they survived the 22 hr flight to Malaysia they can do the 6 hr. drive up to Virginia, right?

I found this fun idea on Pinterest. Check out our Pinterest "Clever ideas" board.
I decided to modify it and create my own road trip kit. Now that H is learning to tell time this would be a perfect opportunity to teach her more and have fun while we’re at it! And N could also learn his numbers. I made a clock with moveable hands to keep track of time. When it matched up with the digital clock in our car that meant it would be time for a treat! I also included activity sheets and a scavenger hunt.

Success! This kept them entertained the entire time, especially when we got stuck in traffic.

There weren’t too many kid friendly activities for H&N’s age at Colonial Williamsburg so we decided to get the Discovery pass to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. There was plenty to do and see there. We went to Water Country USA for one day and spent the rest of the time at Busch Gardens. The best time to go is later in the day when it’s cooler and less people.

Here are some highlights:
The Ladybug ride in the Land of Dragons. I lost count how many times H&N rode it. N liked it so much he was talking in his sleep “Mommy I want to ride the ladybug!”

Sesame Street Forest of Fun. We were lucky enough to catch the Sunny Days Celebration on our last day and meet all the characters. There were high fives and hugs all around.

Watching the performance Entwined: Tales of Good and Grimm, an enchanted time for everyone. Afterwards N was excited to meet and take pictures with the characters. H not so much since the witch in the show scared her.
From L to R: Bittersweet Witch, N, Hansel & Gretel
And last but not least Illuminights
We watched a performance in Oktoberfest and the kids learned the chicken dance. To end the night a spectacular fireworks display. It was literally right over our heads. The best view ever!

Our trip to Williamsburg was so much fun!
What do you do to make long trips fun for the kids?


  1. what a great idea to keep the kiddos occupied on long trips!

  2. Thanks Laura B! I'm so glad this kept my kids happy the whole time :)

  3. You guys should do this as a downloadable! (Colors in the correct colors if they are pre-readers). Love! What are those folded paper things?

  4. Thanks Francine! Good idea, will do it if people are interested. Yes I thought of the colors in the correct colors but just printed in b&w. The folded papers are activity sheets. I used colored paper to make it more "attractive" for the kids to want to open them up.

  5. Wow--looks like a really fun time. Sometimes when we travel by car, my kids like to play the alphabet game. They look for the letter A on signs, license plates, and billboards, then the letter B, etc.

    1. That sounds like fun! Will have to remember that for our next road trip.

  6. Hey, GREAT activity for the kids in the car! Did N find it as interesting as H? I'm afraid that J wouldn't be all that interested in searching and checking things off a list. Nevertheless, great idea and I love the printable. I'll PIN this :)

  7. Thanks Lisa! N actually liked playing with the clock and pretending to know the time hehe. He did enjoy looking for things and when he saw something he got pretty excited. I think it also helped to have H into it. He likes to copy her.
    I will work on making this as a free download ASAP.