Tuesday, August 14, 2012

E1, E2, E3 goes off to school!

In about 2 weeks, E1 will be going back to school. He will be attending the preschool that is organized by the church we attend. He had gone there when he was 2 but we decided to take a break from school for financial reasons when he was 3 and now am sending him back at 4. We want to give him a year of getting used to school before he starts kindergarten.

In another month or so, E2 and E3 will also be starting in a preschool of sorts. The one they are attending is organized by a local high school's childhood development program and is free, which is a great price for us! This will be the first time they will be attending any sort of school setting other than Sunday School.

Lately we have been prepping them to get ready for school. Getting back packs for the girls, telling E1 his teacher's name, trying to get them used to the concept and generally excited about school.  But of course I know that no matter how much prepping we do, there will be hesitation and most likely some tears in the beginning. I am absolutely not looking forward to the tears!  It is SO hard to walk away when they get so upset during the first couple of drop offs. But I know they will grow to love their classes and teachers and before I know it, they will actually enjoy going to school.

What do you do in your house to get the kids ready for school? Would love to hear some different approaches and ideas!



  1. Hi Zi! Since J's been in daycare/school setting for a while now, and it's all year, we don't ever get ready for school. That will certainly change when he gets older though, and school has summer break. What you are doing sounds great - getting backpacks ready, learning teachers' names - so that the kids can feel invested in the process too. Good luck. I know everyone will dooo great! And free is a great price!!!

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement Lisa!

  3. My kids are in 4th and pre-K so we have the whole school thing down. Sounds like you are prepping them really well. If possible, take them to their class rooms a few days before school starts so they can see what it will be like. And when they start to cry just hug them, kiss them, tell them you'll be back to pick them up later and walk away! Your heart will feel like it's breaking into a million pieces and you'll sit in your car and cry, but when you pick them up they will tell you what a great time they had! Good luck!

    1. Great advice Laura B, thank you so much for sharing! For E1, his school will be in the same place he attends Sunday School so it should be much easier for him, since he will be used to the environment, not that there won't be any tears. As for the girls, E2 and E3, they might have a slightly harder time since it will be a whole new environment.
      I will definitely be doing what you just said above, it is not easy but they always have a great time when you pick them up.

  4. My mom is worried Simon is going to get kicked out since they have that two month adjustment policy. Ha ha...

  5. We go shopping for school supplies and label our stuff to get ready for school. The kids are excited and ready!