Thursday, August 16, 2012

Backpack for E1

Back when E1 was about to go off to preschool for 2 year olds, I had decided I would make him a backpack. I didn't want to spend the money buying one because all he really needed the backpack for was to bring home the drawings/crafts that he was making in school and the occasional paper correspondence from his teacher.  I didn't think that warranted buying a new backpack.

So I went to JoAnn Fabrics (not the best place to get fabrics, but is the only place close to where I live to buy fabric) and picked up the following:

Navy Blue broadcloth (1/4yd @ $3.99/yd) = $0.99
Mint Green 1/2" wide seam binding (2 packs @ $1.99/pack) = $3.98

Total = $4.97

I decided to make a backpack that was basically a rectangle with a flap closure that could accommodate an 8 1/2" x 11" folder which E1's teachers would be sending things back in. Then the mint green seam binding would add a nice contrast detail to the backpack. I added some black velcro for the closure which I had lying around so that was free.

I made a quick pattern and sewed up the backpack in an afternoon. I was pretty happy with the end result since it cost under $5 to make and apparently E1 was happy with it too-giving it a nice big thumbs up when he tried it on!

This year E1 is going back to school and he will be able to use this backpack again.  We probably will have to buy him an actual backpack when he goes to kindergarten next year but getting two years out of this little home made backpack is a pretty good deal in my book.

Have you or will you be making anything for your children for back to school?  We would love to hear from you!



  1. Oh my gosh, this backpack is so coooooool! Share a pattern. Or sell one. Is it easy? I'm a novice. Make a matching mommy bag? Haha. And LOVE this thumbs up. So cute! And $5 is a great price indeed!

    1. Thanks Lisa! It isn't particularly hard to make but just requires some planning when it comes to sewing the pieces together. Only "hard" part may be turning the corners while sewing the seam binding on along the bottom. My pattern is a little rough so could use some tweaking and cleaning up if I were to share/sell it.
      I'll send you an e-mail about this too.

    2. Yea, planning indeed. Yesterday I made a bag for our lil tent and put the handles on the inside. The bag doesn't need bags anyways I guess ;)